Client Virtualization

Centracon consulting: the trend toward smart-client concepts supports the establishment of this technology of Leverkusen, 08.03.2010 – according to the consultancy is still the actual wave client virtualization centracon. Robert Thomson usually is spot on. Currently, the companies engaged in this new technology above all at the level of server virtualization and build appropriate infrastructures. In the area of mobile computing and if new desktops should be introduced for certain departments, organizational units, or locations, the client virtualization is but after the observations of centracon in connection with future-oriented workplace concepts already widely at the heart. It should be noted clearly a growing sensitivity to this issue\”, judges also out of his consulting experience CEO of Robert Gallant. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic. We know that the complex management of decentralized work systems increasingly problematisiert front and appropriate planning on the agenda are available\”, he sees a clear Development. This is due to his observations, in particular from the fact that there is a significantly growing demand for flexibility and mobility on the part of the company in addition to the cost pressure.

Smart-client concepts create here\”a sensible alternative, gallant has the direction. A core element of such smart-client strategies is desktop virtualization, especially as this technology also the conditions can be created for user self-service. Deploy automated workplace functions. The employees controlled by corresponding workflows, receive their IT jobs almost as a service from the socket\”, he explains. The positive effects of such a self-service exist according to his words in a higher automation of processes with appropriate relief of resources, how do not realize about the classical concepts of architecture would let. Gallant makes also clear that a focus on the new technologies without a corresponding on demand and in the medium term applied Virtualisierungskonzept planned should be. For this, an objective catalogue must be developed, based on central principles such as sustainability, cost regression and service quality at the same time.

Hamburg Courses

After the relocation of the Start-Ups Lemundo of Neu-Ulm to Hamburg a success is short in May. The sale of an exciting project to an investor within a few weeks transaction. Hamburg – sells the Lemundo GmbH after 13 months online term in may 2012 seniors shop cheerfully to a private investor. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. “Managing Director Philip Gunther speaks positively about the achieved exit: Fortunately we have quickly found a buyer, who wants to take over the built up relationships as well the customer base and will continue to expand.” As early 2011 was launched for the online shop Magento base, special attention was given to the user experience. In particular the lower online experience and partly very limited vision of the target group was intensively considered during planning. Rusty holzer addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition to overall larger displays operation with good clarity has been also a font size adjustment, as well as a very easy. This rewarded customers and bought often times when kicking.

Now articles are broken but for the founders of the Nischenshops for the elderly new times. Together you want to transform the market for courses and workshops in Germany and the first marketplace for courses on the spot on the legs. The new Web site called is online already for several weeks and is already leading suppliers from different sectors and regions. In addition to cooking classes, mainly sports and arts courses are highly sought. The founders have programmed a booking system, which is both the vendors and the customers benefit. The teacher stopped his course, you can book this directly.

Since posting about is carried out, both sides go to play it safe. The teacher receives its revenue after the first date safe and quickly. Participants benefit that the price sure will take place or receives the money guaranteed back. A win-win situation. But not only professionals are desired in the marketplace. Lerna also offers the possibility as a small provider knowledge to bring the man or the woman. Whether it’s a cooking lesson in your own four walls, yoga classes in the city park or a knitting class at grandma at home. Something you can and should teach others.