UEFA Champions League

/ 44 hammered the ball /. Spanish football has always preached the attacker style, full of dangerous moments and scored balls. Traditional form of the Spanish national team – a red shirt with a yellow pattern, dark blue shorts and socks, the guest a traditional form – a white kit with red and yellow ornament, or a yellow shirt, dark blue shorts and socks. Modern Liga La Liga / La Liga / was founded in 1928 in the 60's. Check with Time Warner to learn more. of the 20th century. and in the early 21st century. Spanish league – one of the strongest in Europe.

Are participating in such famous clubs such as 'Real Madrid', 'Barcelona', 'Sevilla', etc., which are the strongest players in the world. In La Liga involved 20 teams, three teams occupying the last place, are transferred to the second division, and their places occupied by three best teams in Division Two. Only three of the club, who founded La Liga – 'Real Madrid', 'Barcelona' and 'Athletic Bilbao' never left the First Division. La Liga season lasts from September to June. Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Four teams with the best results are eligible to participate in the UEFA Champions League.

First Cup of La Liga won 'Bars' in 1929, 'Real Madrid' became the champion in 1932. After the Spanish Civil War and the return of La Liga clubs have become the most powerful ' Valencia ',' Sevilla ',' Atletico Madrid '. 50s of last century became the era of 'Real' and 'Barcelona'. Before the teams were forbidden to produce on the field for more than three foreign players, but later softened the rules. In the period from 1961 to 1980g.g. 'Real Madrid' wholly dominated in the first division in Spain, having won the cup competition 14 times. Since 1986. to 1990. 'Real Madrid' re seeking primacy in La Liga. Eternal rival 'Real' – 'Bars' in 1988, has regained a great football player and an equally great Coach – Johan Cruyff / best player in the World Cup in 1974, the best footballer in the century / 1999 /, which gathered under the banner of the Catalan club's best players in nearly all of Spain and to give the team a final gloss, added Several foreign superstars. The result was what was later called 'dream team' – the team's dream, which has won four times in La Liga. Following 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2008 were victorious for the 'Real'. Accordingly, 'Barca' won in 2005.2006 and 2009 At the end of the season 2008 – 2009 La Liga's second place in the ranking of national football associations, UEFA and is one of the best leagues in the world. And the best player for 2009. Argentine Lionel Messi – star 'Barcelona'. Spanish La Liga – the most entertaining football championship. Watch the game of Spanish clubs – the true aesthetic pleasure. In Spain, played by many stars of world football. In different years, the leading Spanish played such clubs as players Diego Maradona, Zidane, Figo, Beckham. Angel Maria Viyar, re-elected in 2008 president of the Football Federation of the sixth term, said his main task organization of the world championship in football in 1918 at home. Country – the owner of FM 2018 will be determined in 2011. In addition to Spain to claim an FM Belgium and the Netherlands, England, Austria, Japan, USA, China, and Ross.