Applied Technology

In it would aciaria we have the process of descarbonetacao, that is, removal of part of existing carbon in gusa. Other elements are reduced the amounts minims: Sulphur (s), match (p), Silicon (Itself) and the Manganese (Mn). Such elements have influence direct in the mechanical properties of the steel and must be controlled: . Manganese. In steel with little carbon it becomes the malleable steel ductil and. In steel with much carbon it hardens and it increases the resistance to the shocks; . Silicon.

It contributes for the increase of the hardness and tenacity. It prevents porosity. Match. In high texts it becomes the fragile and fragile steel. Sulphur. It becomes the granular and rough steel.

It weakens the resistance. According to It emends of Applied Technology I. Truck Concrete truck mixer. SENAI, p 85, the steel carbons are specified depending on the carbon text in three classrooms: . Steel with low carbon texts: 0,008% enter 0.3%; . Steel with average carbon texts: 0,3% enter 0.7%; . Steel with high carbon texts: 0,7% enter 2.11%. The logic applied to the steel carbon and of that the amount of carbon directly influences in the mechanical properties of steel how much the hardness, tenacity, resistance the traction, malleability, that is, the more carbon the steel to contain, harder it sera. logical valley also I oppose for it, that is, the less carbon it to contain, less hard it sera. 2. Steel In agreement League the text of league elements, that is, added elements in intentional way to confer to special steel properties, the steel can be subdivided in: . Steel of Low League (it adds of texts of inferior league 5%); . Steel of Measured League (elements of league between 5 and 10%); e. Steel of High League (with more than 10% of league elements). The main elements of league added to the steel carbon are: .

Medicine Natural Traditional

by community acupuncture <! p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: Arial 12.0px > <! p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 14.0px 0.0px; font: Arial 14.0px > is evident, for example, the use of herbal medicine where there is a tradition of use in the population, and where it has been establish the presence of a stock of fito and apifarmacos in each dental consultation, almost essential way, which has been very in tune with the extension of the urban gardens in half the worldwhich has been increasing the knowledge about this medicine has the population and also constitutes a strategy precisely for situations of contingency doing a practice within the reach of everyone. See more detailed opinions by reading what Leslie Moonves offers on the topic.. Between Natural Medicine and use traditional therapies dermatological can be used in a situation of disaster are: – acupuncture – acupressure – herbal medicine – Apitherapy – hypnosis – ozone – techniques of relaxation-homeopathy – floral therapy examples of applications of the Natural Medicine and traditional momentous of disaster: Toothache: HYPERESTHESIA acupuncture and acupressure HYPERMEDIA acupuncture and related techniques PULPITIS acupuncture, acupressure, acropolis, homeopathy and hypnosis NECROSIS pulp acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis processes .

Acupuncture and technical related, homeopathy and hypnosis herbal medicine and homoeopathy PERIODONTITIS phytotherapy and homeopathy disorders of occlusion muscle acupuncture ARTICULARES homeopathy habits suggestion and hypnosis human development is only possible with a health based on a style healthy devida, in harmony with nature, with full respect for the environment and elempleo of media within the reach of everyone.. A related site: David Zaslav mentions similar findings.

Antibiotic Natural

Garlic is native to Central Asia, was highly valued in Egypt. The concideraban as a powerful therapeutic means; as a protector against the spirits and paranormal forces.Pliny recommended against the phthisis. It was used in large intakes in cases of picadurua of snakes or Scorpions. In the middle ages use suffered a setback, for his association with witchcraft. Perhaps check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more information. In the late middle ages and the Renaissance was almost the only defense of Europeans against the plague. In the Renaissance the garlic becomes a seasoning of Mediterranean and Balkan, peoples in particular for those social classes who could not access to spice up meals with species. Today it is known that garlic contains around 400 substances including vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Studies have shown, the absence of cardiovascular disease among people with a diet rich in garlic. Its chemical composition is as follows: is composed of water and carbohydrates, as well as protein, fats and celluloses; contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and mineral elements such as: sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, silicon and sulfur. The essential active substance in garlic is a sulfurous and odorless substance called Alliin, 0.4% of the garlic clove. Its therapeutic properties are: anticeptico and antibiotic. Its raw juice destroys pathogenic bacteria, and has a strong inhibitory action on viruses.

As an antibiotic, its action is similar to the penicillin. While its effects are slower and less spectacular than the artificial antibiotic, garlic does not give rise to resistant strains, nor has secondary, harmful effects on the body. The consumption of garlic in large quantities, is effective to remove urinary, intestinal and lung infections. As the essences of garlic are volatile, they are deleted once digested and past into the blood through the lungs. Why is beneficial to combat colds, bronchitis, asthma, efisemas, toscombulsa, tuberculosis. Strengthens the immune system, is anticuagulante and decreases the lipids (fats) in the blood.

Tinnitus Herbal Medicine

Long since used herbal medicine for treatment of different diseases or symptoms as it is the case of tinnitus or tinnitus. There are many plants with proven properties healing or soothing of this type of condition, which often cannot find answers in formal medicine in nature. Time Warner may help you with your research. Among the plants to be used as a natural treatment for tinnitus are: geranium: a maceration of plant is made into alcohol (with graduation of 40 ) and let stand for twenty days. Then a few drops of this preparation apply the ear several times a day. -Mistletoe: It is prepared in the form of infusion, and by their properties hipotensoras significantly decreases tinnitus.

-Blueberry: You must take two cups daily infusion of a spoonful of dried fruit in boiling water. -Ginger: Prepare an infusion of a spoonful of tea per cup of water and they can be taken up to three cups a day. -Sesame: Widely used in East seed dede antiquity. We recommend its consumption during lunch. Among the plants used by herbal medicine for external use we can mention the following:-garlic, lavender and Peppermint: for their bactericidal properties indicated its use for tinnitus supplying some drops of her juices or oils in the affected ear. -Parsley and olive: carried out a small pellet of parsley dipped in olive oil and a little salt and is inserted into the ear. -Elder: boiled their flowers in water and it vaporizes directly into the ear.

-Plantain: They must crush a few tender leaves and administer a few drops of the juice obtained. Herbal medicine is a natural treatment for tinnitus that has tested offering, in many cases, better results than traditional medicines without the adverse effects of the latter. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

China and War

When we speak of World-wide War, in our mind always appear images of tanks of war, strong armed missiles, airplanes huntings, soldiers, ambushes or until nuclear bombs, but this will not be characterized as a new world-wide war in the modern times, this I has absolute certainty, therefore armed crises, conflicts and that possible great War between United States and the Old Soviet Union will not exist never more, since he was proven that such war with the current alliances politics, summarizes it a possibility each more remote time. As we can live deeply in the current days, we have regionalizados conflicts only small e, based in religious aspects and that hardly it would generate a new World-wide War in the warlike character properly said. But with the advent of computer science, computers and mainly the Internet, in this globalizado world, we create something much more sensible in our humanity, therefore with the technological dependence them people nowadays, we have a great field to be explored, to be rethink and mainly attacked ciberneticamente, a time that the vision to arrive for land, air and the sea to attack a nation is related the distant times, therefore if really a nation to want to destroy one to another one will not need to spill one alone drop of blood much less to give a shot at least, is enough to have access a on computer the Internet and to initiate the attack pressuring a keyboard key or a button of mouse. David Zaslav is likely to increase your knowledge. Summarizing, initiating one ciberguerra world-wide without precedents and with catastrophic results for the humanity. With the globalization and the speed that the information need to guarantee the success of the commerce in everybody, it determines that the companies and governments are 100% hardwired to the Internet and this transforms all vulnerable ones to one ciberataque, is enough only that some good crackers on to the government of some nation, it creates innumerable nets you buzz all in the planet, and that to the one simple command, the critical servers of a country could initiate an attack and finish with all the services essentials of the same, weakening and creating a chaos of availability of information, cutting communications, basically destroying the sovereignty of a country in question of seconds. .