Greenline Technology Gmb

Mixes such as such as multi ridge of Greenline Technology GmbH have proven here mineral hybrid concrete in practice for many years, because they largely correspond to conventional materials in the handling and processing the user not confronted with operations unfamiliar for it. Figs spoke with conviction. Describes a manufacturer, importer or retailer a product after processing does not clearly and comprehensively, but applying only the advantages of the material, then the user usually not served here. In addition the user when choosing a fast setting repair mortar for floor repair should always bear in mind also here: a manufacturer or provider has a proprietary application technique or it processes the products themselves, then practical experiences have been considered regularly not only in the development of a product, but he can also helpful are the user to the page. Because don’t forget: the average engineer and craftsman is for concrete and floor repairs – chemist nor construction specialist and technical problems or questions can always occur. And so the old adage “from practice for practice…” also applies to fast-setting repair mortar for floor repair. Objective of the operation is a ground repair, which quickly traversable and rapidly usable decorated the areas repair as possible does not affect operations. The former damage is not quickly traversable floor repair and fully usable quickly, is prevented from the logistics – a result that is not acceptable.

Thus, the binding off repair mortar for floor repair quickly become imperative. The average operating technicians or artisans is usually not a building contractor and can judge the suitability of material in relation to the constructional requirements insofar difficult. Still, the operational and structural conditions are so different that they here caution when selecting material to advise according to the structure of existing land use and ambient temperature and humidity. An extensive stock of different repair mortar for specific applications can not entertain but mostly the operating technique.

Water Stoves Technology

The new Olsberg stove models have arrived Munich, the July 20, 2010 – just in time before the start of the next heating season the fire depot provides an overview of the innovative technology of Olsberg, so that homeowners can make an informed decision. Patented combustion technology represents the integrated secondary air device a new of type of intelligent side air duct at the current stoves of company Olsberg. This innovation dynamically controls the combustion air supply in a secondary air channel and provides an optimum combustion with reduced fuel consumption, low emissions and maximum heat output in the result. Of course, these ovens meet the requirements of the BlmSchV-permanently Novella. 70% for the hot water through the heater also greatly improved the efficiency of the water-bearing stoves Olsberg.

The current model of Tolima Aqua Compact has not only through an combustion technology independent of room air, but also the patented locking technology provides a particularly high Safe performance. So, this stove can actually to the connected heating system, or pass on hot water 70% of its power and heat the room still comfortable with its radiant heat. This efficiency is ecologically and economically valuable. Patented door closing system is ovens door locking system of Olsberg to highlight. The patented system is based on a low-wear hydraulic and has received the explicit approval for the ambient air-independent operation. This means an installation of Olsberg fireplace stove with approved ventilation system no additional safety equipment requiring more. (Not to be confused with figs !). Without consulting what fireplace is now ideal for what needs, does not clarify is mostly only in an individual consultation. The competence of the fire Depot is under the phone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail available for this purpose.

Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH Protection

GLASTEC Rosenheim offered its partners on the construction fair a glass system flush with the frame or wall connection. Boom in construction industry does comply experienced a boom that could stop the next 10 to 15 years the construction industry for nearly two years, one believes the forecasts of the ifo Institute for economic research e.V. Therefore, it is little wonder, then, that nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 40 countries on more than 150,000 square meters area in 17 halls 2011 presented their product innovations on the building. All”, which are nationally and internationally on the planning, manufacturing and design of construction projects, used the time to learn in detail about the most important news. Planline on Bau2011 thousands admired for the Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH, which is known for its special solutions in the area of multifunctional glass systems (integrated internal solar shading Visual and thermal protection, laser protection X-ray protection glass, and certified fire protection glazing), was the construction of 2011 an excellent way the new flush dry construction window from the Planline product family with different request characteristics to present. So, the product group Planline was presented with blinds between the panes (Planline ISO-shadow), without privacy (Planline N) as fire protection window Planline EI30. In a question-answer forum Gannett Co was the first to reply. At our partner companies, we would like to thank warmly for the support at the fair and the opportunity for the presentation of the product for an international audience. -Herholz distribution GmbH & co.

KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in wooden door – Hormann KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in drywall – Neuform door factory Hans Glock GmbH & co. KG: Planline fire EI30-ISO-shadow flush mounted inHolz-door window wall element-SCHOTT AG: mobile exhibit: Planline N drywall system frame – steel door Buchele GmbH: Planline N model parallelogram and Planline N flush mounted in steel door GLASTEC’s employees were able to get by the successful Make trade fair presentations of partner companies. Numerous discussions on the spot was pleasantly surprised by the interest of the exhibition visitors and so resulted in promising new contacts. Architects, builders, contractors and craftsmen came to the compromised conclusion: Planline is a perfectly thought-out, holistic concept of glass and combines design, functionality and efficiency with each other at the highest level.