Premenstrual Syndrome

This may take several days. Perhaps you have experienced it? Maybe you have a sense of bloating and weight gain, headache, back pain, acne, allergies or a terrible breast tenderness? Perhaps you've experienced all these symptoms or only some of them. You may want scary ice cream or chips. Your mood can be no reason to change, ranging from depression to euphoria. And then suddenly again in the rest returned to consciousness – Finally came menstruation. "It is believed that premenstrual syndrome in different degree ranges from 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of all American women aged 20 to 50 years", – says Susan Lark, director of the Center for Self-Help premenstrual syndrome in California. "Certain factors, as well as the birth of children or marriage, it seems to increase the risk of premenstrual syndrome – said Dr. Guy Abraham, a professor of obstetrics and Gynecological Endocrinology at the Medical School at the University of California, the leading research on these disorders.

– Premenstrual syndrome is a relatively frequent cause of divorce. " "This condition may be inherited, "- says Dr. Edward Portman, a researcher and director of the Portman Clinic in Wisconsin. "Not everyone suffering from premenstrual syndrome, the same symptoms and same degree of discomfort, – says Dr. Abraham. – Also, not all suffering from the syndrome amenable to the same treatment. To find the best way to cope with this syndrome may require trial and error. " Doctors involved in this problem, recommend the following measures.


No doubt, looks like clinical depression. In addition, many of us had the misfortune to suffer from depression. Enduring sadness, decreased energy, inability to enjoy normal pleasures and autonomic disorders (problems of food, sleep and self-regulation) are obvious. Freud was the first to compare and contrast the depressive ("melancholy") state the normal grieving. He found important difference between these two states: under normal reactions of grief outside world is experienced as diminished in any significant way (loss of significant person), whereas in depressive states that experienced as lost or destroyed, is a part of himself. Consequently, in some sense the opposite of depression is grief.

People who go through the process of grieving the normal way, not become depressed, even under the condition that they deeply grieve over a period of time after a bereavement or loss. The psychologist will note that the cognitive, emotional, sensory processes and imagination is often drastically slowed by the sudden clinical depression. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Iger . On a serious violation of the end of the spectrum are patients who ruthlessly hate themselves and experiencing hallucinations and prior to the opening antidepressants can absorb years of dedicated efforts of psychotherapists and still uncritically believe that the best way to save the world is to destroy itself. Freud consistently developed the idea that important source of susceptibility to depression is the experience of premature loss. In accordance with the classical theory of psychoanalysis, suggests that people become fixed on the infantile stage, during which they were spoiled or subjected to deprivation, depressed individuals are seen as people who have experienced too early or abrupt weaning or other early frustration, which exceeded their ability to adapt. .


Should all be harmonious. Including – diet. Directly about proper nutrition and the need for compliance with certain requirements now and will be discussed. Aging is usually characterized by a simple phrase – "it hurts everything." Body and Mind undergo many changes: physiological, psychological, and one is not particularly beautiful day really understand that it hurts everything that is possible. Especially if you do not care about the future belonged to her same purely consumer.

For those who want to look good in old age, obesity becomes a problem because zasboivshih hormones. Follow other leaders, such as Dr. Kevin Cahill, and add to your knowledge base. All these undesirable changes promotes poor nutrition in the elderly. Research Food and Nutrition Institute (FNRI) offers a number of relatively simple recommendations for "improvement" of their diet, and along with it – to rid the number of health problems. And as if the load – a small correction. Body to be healthy, you need to drink more water. Exactly as in his youth and in old age, a person needs a certain amount of water. And, despite the fact that the drink as if you do not want the water, yet Still, is lost from the body, not the best way reflected both in appearance and state of health. Required to consume about 30 grams of water per kilogram of body weight.

Further, in the requirements for nutrition Nutrition Institute the need for protein intake. The most important thing – protein prevents muscle atrophy. It can "find" in eggs, chicken meat (preferably breast) and in fish. It is also important to use carbohydrates to produce clean energy necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Carbohydrates – a pasta, bread and cereals. From such problems as constipation, often harassing the elderly, can be avoided by consuming foods rich in fiber. Fats, contrary to popular belief, the elderly are also necessary, but it is better to choose a diet low in fat, but not quite fat. Most importantly – avoid frying food. Another problem in the elderly, associated with low appetite, a lack of iron. And iron, among other things, is a building material for blood. So he, too, need to consume in reasonable quantities. In general, good nutrition, plus harmony in everything – and senile weakness you are not afraid!

Inkjet Ovulation Test

Why do women need to know your ovulation period? The answer is very simple. In order to accurately plan their personal lives, when deciding on future pregnancy, or the opposite – to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Some contend that Discovery Communications shows great expertise in this. That period ovulation – the few days each month when the egg is released from the ovary is the most favorable for conception. Knowledge of this period and the phases of the menstrual cycle (ovulation conventionally divides the menstrual cycle on two phases) is also very important for cosmetology, dermatology and other areas of medicine. After all, according to this doctor prescribes certain medications and procedures. How does the test? During the period of ovulation in the blood and other body fluids increases the concentration of luteinizing hormone. The simplest and most convenient way to measure the levels of this hormone in blood is a urine test. Worldwide to determine the period of ovulation women enjoy jet ovulation tests.

More recently, in Ukraine there were also successfully used jet tests to determine the period of ovulation. If you speak the language of science, the action of the test based on the principle thin-layer immunochromatography. In immersion test in physiological fluids (urine) is a hormone and immunological reaction of antibodies with dye. When the reaction is positive in the test zone appears bright red line. This means that ovulation occurs 24-48 hours. The test results can be easily determined visually.

The reliability test shows that it is equipped with built-in control in the form of a red line appears in the control area test. If this line appears – means test carried out correctly. The advantages of ink-jet tests First of all, a very important method of high accuracy (99.9%), which allows a woman to be confident obtained at assistance from him. In addition, tests are available and hygienic means of diagnosis, did not require a special collection of urine, and therefore can be used in virtually any environment. Undeniable advantage is also the speed of obtaining results. Already after 3-5 minutes after testing a woman can know the time of ovulation.