Technical University

A cooperation of the continuing Ecducation Center of Vienna University of technology with Frequentis AG annual demand worldwide for technologies that support the management of safety-critical operations. Control Center solutions”(special solutions for control centres) provide the answer for these rising technical demands. There show a number of common properties in all security-critical operations. Therefore, different industries use similar technologies. Control Center solutions can be found in various areas, such as: air traffic management to meet shipping and railway (transport and security management), public safety (PSAPs, answer / coordination of police, fire, ambulance and rescue service) due to the dynamics in these areas, when it comes, the requirements for mobility and safety is an essential feature of control center solutions continuous innovation. Drivers are also research programmes, such as the multi-billion dollar project and innovation Security research programs of the European Union. Read additional details here: Leslie Moonves.

It has the SESAR programme aims to develop a uniform, standardized air traffic control system based on digital communication technology. So will be the airspace capacity tripled, halved the cost of air traffic management and the security to the 10-fold increase. SESAR will initiate a paradigm shift that, which will lead to considerable technical and organisational changes. That will affect staff in the first place and have the systems in the control centres, to enable an efficient and reliable use of security-related resources. Follow others, such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes, and add to your knowledge base. The operators in control centers (such as air traffic control, emergency services or the coast guard) must respond quickly and effectively in safety-critical situations. They are powerful systems that support them in their work, improve depending on the situational awareness, planning & decision making, and communication processes. Therefore belong to each of the control centers solutions, regardless of Domain, tactical situation reports, planning and management tools as well as highly available voice – and data transmission between distributed systems. The Summer School, offered by the continuing education centre of the Technical University of Vienna in cooperation with Frequentis AG reflects the extraordinary and growing importance of control centres.

Seminar: Employer Branding

Recommended seminar about employer branding, employee retention and employment branding specialist and lack of leadership is noticeable for more and more companies. In labour markets, the number of the available service providers decreases steadily. It applies to attract the key target groups for the company, to motivate and to bind in the long term. Employer branding acts as employee retention inwards and as employer attractiveness to the outside. The participants learn proven employer branding concepts in this hands-on, two-day seminar. Learn how they establish effective measures and how they optimize processes for employee retention and employment branding. What concrete measures to improve retention and motivation of your employees take the participants participants of the seminar “Employer Branding” learn and know to increase your attractiveness as an employer. You know whether and, if necessary, what deficits in their company exist and develop meaningful measures.

The participants know more Possibilities for implementation in your company under consideration of cost and profitability aspects. You benefit from the targeted Exchange with experts and colleagues. In addition the participants useful checklists and work tools that can be adapted individually and specifically receive. Content of the seminar “Employer Branding” the seminar promises an exciting methods mix of input presentation by the experts, review of practical cases of participants, individual and group work, and checklists. There is enough space for the exchange of experience with the speakers and peers. The content of the seminar “Employer Branding” in summary: Approaches to the retention of significant structural and cultural measures individualized employment branding employer branding adequate leadership functions follow low/high employee retention a typical business situation participants optimize the own concepts of experience exchange and transfer. The Officer for employer branding Gunther Wolf, Diplom-okonom, psychologist. Managing Consultant, coach, Interim Manager and coach.

Areas of practice include corporate management, leadership, strategy development, organizational changes, employee retention and corporate incentive systems. Technical writer. The seminar “Employer Branding” is offered as a one-day in-house seminar or in-house workshop in your company. In this case the contracting authority decides about the appointment, the content and whether the agenda of events to maintain essentially is or whether the event on specific operational requirements should be aligned. Sign up for “Employer Branding” the seminar is aimed at decision makers and designers from personnel management and corporate governance, who want to develop effective measures to employer branding, employee retention and employer attractiveness and implement. For the two-day seminar “Employer Branding” to include several appointments in Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: – the seminar description “Employer Branding”: – contact to the competence center employee binding: / competence center representative binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training

Hall Chemie Gmb

I think that just the openness of the Hall chemistry GmbH towards new impulses makes up their competitiveness. HC: What experience have you gained and what tasks have you worked? L. Quan: during my training I got from the outset an insight in several areas. Started with the order processing, competitor monitoring and pallet delivery management about the accounting and Dunning to the shipping business and stock sale. But also in the marketing department could I try a little. All activities require good organizational skills and a great care, to which also belongs that one always keeps deadlines at a glance. Dealing with different situations already laid the foundations for my later career during the training. Also my English skills were used due to the European orientation of the company.

That my activities varied and diverse were, seemed convenient, because I could are never enough knowledge and constantly have perfored my colleagues with questions. For the great support I have received during this time, I am still grateful. The atmosphere is great and very helpful to the team. HC: must an applicant meet Ms. y Richmond by clicking through. Hahn, what are the requirements? Michele Hahn: online shop operator with a stock sale is both the contact for individual customers as well as to large customers. A professional, correct oral and written customers owning of in-depth product knowledge is essential for the day-to-day business.

Therefore, our trainees from the beginning a comprehensive product training get paired with intensive phone training. Applicants who are interested in training as an office clerk (m/w) at the Hall Chemie GmbH, should bring the following qualifications and skills: knowledge of the German language in spoken and written at least a good secondary school A good general education, good communication skills organisational skills quick learning good manners a well-groomed look more foreign languages advantageous application documents please send to the following address: Hofer Chemie GmbH Mrs S. Hall Czemins Schwanthaler str. 5 66280 Sulzbach / Saar Tel. 06897 999 0 890 more info at jobs /.

In-service Qualification

Next preparation course ‘Leadership for bad companies’ launches in April 2013 with the qualification to the executives for bad companies”allows the BSA Academy twice in the year, optimally on the examination to the marked Master of bad businesses”to prepare. With the certified and approved course participants embrace not only fit in order to assume a senior activity in a bathroom and the master craftsman to complete successfully. They also have the advantage that they find a professionally designed training concept for the BSA-Akademie, that differs significantly from other providers. The BSA participants benefit from relatively low travel and accommodation costs and low loss of earnings as a result of the combined course system of distance learning and compact presence phases. The advantage of the BSA participants have in addition, is the flexibility of distance learning with individual time classification, including personal care by BSA remote instructors. So, the BSA qualification can be completed part-time and agreed best with professional and personal commitments. When, where, how long the participants decide! Through the combined course system of distance learning and attendance phases, participants can classify themselves individually when, how long and where they learn and adapt to her anytime. Through the compact attendance phases, which include approximately 30 days in blocks of 2-6 days, and the ability to start, at any time with the course, the qualification is part-time possible and consistent as well with professional and personal commitments.

High earnings and long absences are avoided. The State examination and approval of the BSA course through the Centre of distance learning (ZFU), for all participants, the consumption protection and care taken to ensure that the education objective with the course is also to achieve. Fully supervised by experienced education partners In distance learning participants work with didactic specially prepared course material. While the BSA educational materials be developed for distance learning-specific criteria and is based on the know-how, has purchased the BSA Academy based on over 25 years experience, and constantly evolving. Specific support in the distance learning phase, BSA remote instructors are participants for questions or discussion of content by email and phone.

All ten modules at a glance: economics theory of law cooperation in the operation health education technology swimming swimming in theory and practice rescue in theory and practice training head on changes in the market prepared mathematical and scientific foundations his straight against the background, is increasing and that the market for bad companies has changed considerably in recent years and the competition for municipal and private baths, as in other areas such as large hotels, physiotherapy practices and fitness studios bathing landscapes or even stand-alone baths “Catchment have held that it is essential from a pure provider of water for municipal and private baths,” to develop customer-oriented service providers. For this they need qualified employees who promote this development by their know-how and establish bad operation as in the bathroom scene. Here the qualification to the executives for bad companies requires”the BSA-Akademie. In the course of BSA qualifying participants acquire comprehensive knowledge, skills and competences to perform the tasks of a Senior Executive in bad companies. The next preparation course for the master exam starts in April 2013. More info bad businesses and simply call us: + 49 681 6855-0.