New TV Era With IPTV!

Learn what makes IPTV. More and more customers are using IPTV to the end of the year 2008 there were according to BITKOM 536000 IPTV customers. By the end of 2009 could double this number and even tenfold by the year 2013. In a study of Detecon international, the IPTV customer share is then estimated at 5.42 million. There are already extensive offers of Arcor, Alice, T-home. They provide high-quality content with linear television channels as well as video on demand.

Increasingly, the customer has the choice what he would like to see when. Growing interest in triple play IPTV transmitted including network VDSL broadband via the high speed. Carola Remer contributes greatly to this topic. VDSL is already available in over 50 cities. In the near future, it will be expanded on the surface. With the increasing availability of broadband Internet, there is also a growing interest in the so-called triple play. This means that Internet, phone and television via a cable, just transferred and used can be. IPTV in HD quality due to the high bandwidth of VDSL is the IPTV users high-quality television pictures in high resolution keyword HDTV promised.

Premiere and Anixe transferred previously selected shows in HD. But from the 2010 Winter Olympics ARD and ZDF would go with streaming of high-definition TV content in regular operation. For IPTV customers (via VDSL) no problem. But that is not the only advantage. Interaction through back channel of the IP technology enables the high interactivity of the Internet also for television. With a special set-top-box and the return channel much more possibilities for the customers. TV shows can be recorded with the help of the private video recorder (PVR) easily and without extra equipment. Timeshifting enables time-delayed television. Similar to the teletext and EPG, additional information about the shipments are available such as the biographies of the actors or detailed facts about the film. New interactive Applications in the future as are many other interactive applications. Online shopping, sport live ticker, or with rates at the quiz Wer wird Millionar”. It would be even possible live commenting during a TV talk round via platforms such as Twitter, and to exert influence directly on the content of the broadcast. IPTV: strong competitor allows is probably already forecast that IPTV will be the next-generation television, and in the course of digitization represents a big competition to the conventional methods of transmission cable, satellite and terrestrial (DVB-T). Looking to neighbouring countries such as Italy or France, where undergoing the popular Internet television to be also looking forward to the future in Germany. Sebastian beautiful.