But still in this exactly text deabertura, is said that the public power can (would not be must) induce (not to seriapromover) retaken of the economic growth ' ' but the initiative insubstituvel&#039 privadatem a paper; '. This declaration is placed untied notexto thus as that brought of the past. That today we see still as our presenteesta delegation to the private one of the public interest. Learn more at: Time Warner. Recouping the speech of social justice, the Presidentecoloca as essential for this process the democratic participation, that foipromovida in the 27 fruns that they had argued and they helped in the elaboration of the PPA. E, to aofalar of this democratic opening, does not leave to place that the PPA a time assimformulado if moves away from the authoritarianism of years 70 and the exclusion of the prioridadesnacionais made in the decade (governments) passed. The model of planning of the new PPA In this plan the elements keys are: The planejamentoparticipativo, the reinforcement of the concept of periodic revision of the plan and avalorizao of the management. That is, not they are more the axles that define linhasmestras of the planning.

These are substituted by the programs and its 03Mega-Objective that we will argue to follow. In the model of adopted strategical planning, the text doPPA backwards the counterpoint of that the government made an option for a model that superaa technocracy that places the interested market as first in the development definition dosrumos. Still it places that according to this logic of market, it would esteseria capable to promote ' ' evolution natural' ' of the growth (disrespecting all the inaqualities historically accumulated nasdiferentes regions of the country). This ' ' lgica' ' of the market, of capitalismovisa the countries of the point of view of the capacity of consumption of its products and cheaper daproduo to optimize the capital profits, also potencializadoscom the exploration and appropriation of the natural wealth (of the countries that still astm), with the soil appropriation great for the great especulatriosimobilirios profits, that tendenciam investments public.

Electoral Grass

Electoral grass The year of 2012 sufficiently promises to be agitated as very it did not see in terms politicians in Bar of the Bugres. The mixture of nitroglycerin and powder already this ready, remaining only the addition of some nuclear ogives coming of parties that had not yet disclosed themselves so that if it can spray all the lawsuits passed in terms of opinions and disputes of votes. In this politics only is that we can imagine the fusing of the age measured with modernity to search an exit for all males that the decades makes with that Bar of the Bugres systematically suffers the delay that it is tax, affirms the scientists local politicians. But it would be possible, new or the modern to respect the past of as many Glorias, and to advance placing Bar in the age of modernity, mainly in terms politicians? Would be imaginable the old one to review position and to be modernized for the questions more you criticize that they afflict Bar, as the creation of jobs, that are each time scarcer on account of the technological advances? Good will, desire, and promises certainly will be part of the speeches, but this is not the sufficient so that if it makes a good administration, opposes the few that not yet will be contaminated with this or that polar region. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Leslie Moonves has to say. We need new people, affirm ones, we have that to respect who it has experience, bradam others, votes in the new, exclamam the novices, chooses that already it showed that makes, counterattack the saudosistas.

They are seeing this photo? They turn the ones that they had made? This and as much other imbecilidades will be part of the speeches, that certainly the commitments, and the solutions for our problems had been in second plain. We are you give to embark in a galactic war that nor of far belongs in them, since the dispute in question is dualista, that is the group of the bonzinhos against the group of the mauzinhos, trying to obtain the support of the bobinhos, you. Unhappyly by being a cattle, apt region of the cattle creation, we are confused as such. Go to Discovery Communications for more information. In other words to each four years we are lead to brete electoral, and receive a mark different, during four years we remain in this or in that one winterred it ties to be markdowned again. We live the sad reality where the weight politician is not measured in workmanships or action, but in ability of who it obtains to more fatten the intellectual mediocrity of the voters. The sufficiently select grass if presents in some few poles, called jobs, where the rules are simple and clear, it orders who it can and it obeys who has judgment. But and the people? The people is a mere DETAIL, a insignificncia that valley the penalty not to think about it. He only serves exactly to develop joguinho and to give to more realism the supposed dispute that is stopped by its star well.


In visit to Brazil in this Saturday day 19/03/2011 07h30min of the morning in Brasilia, I eat Brazilian I feel shame and unresolved matter, then I decided to write something on this visit. What vocs Brazilians find of this visit? He will be that the people really has some benefits in this? HE SEES: How much it polices that it in general it was disponibilizada for this great event, you police them to all had been obliged to be present. The streets had been swept and clean, beggars, beggars or thieves are know there where, find that the 100 km squared of entorno of in agreement Brasilia determination of the security of the President of the U.S.A? The people had been ludibriadas that President went to make a speech for + or? 30 a thousand people, all maneuver politics, the Brazilian always is deceived in such a way in its Parents Brazil as for others, Frustrou the people saying that he went and did not make (politician thing Well) and how much it lost itself in values in this information will be that it goes to be divulged? I DOUBT. The accepted Brazilian is fool everything, unhappyly was conditional to accept muzzle since of the discovery of Brazil, unhappyly the Brazilian people has slave mind. Everything because of this LAMBEO OF BAG, for the foreigners of is there, PRA THAT? OQUE the PEOPLE EARNS WITH THIS, now that E.U.This in worse? It lost pra CHINA, JAPAN and the AMERICAN is magnificent and not accepted defeat (well the face of them), and the Brazilian instead of being in house, of IBOPE PRA THIS CAMBADA OF OPPORTUNISTS AND URUBUS OF the BRAZILIAN POLITICS.