The need for a good transport that allow mobilized quickly, easily and freely toward places that usually have to attend, it will be a big advantage that you will need, for not having to waste so much precious time and money on uncomfortable and annoying buses or taxis, which in the majority of cases represent situations which would prevent and they also do lose much time during travel; in such a way to avoid those annoying situations, one of the best options in order to have the time in a better way, moving freely, quickly and economically, motorbikes are presented as option more useful for those who always want more of their time without having to lose it in the course of a journey by bus or taxi that will make losing long hourswill be lost without any sense. To be able to enjoy the excellent bikes that can be found in the market is good to know certain basic aspects of the bikes, simply as a mode of knowledge, so motorbikes are the composition of a frame or box in which the rest of the motorcycle parts that allow your movement and direction, between those elements are installed more important on the bikes, talking about very general mind, found the 2 wheels, so the bikes front wheel serves allow the driver to perform management activities, while the rear wheels of motorcycles meet the driving function that generates the movement and allowing the generation of the driving force behind the bike is the motor, which performs an internal combustion based on gasoline, displacing that forces the string to this impulse the rear tire of the bike and so you can move from one place to another with ease. Bikes may have a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine, this refers to the type of combustion which made the bike, then completed the process of combustion by motor and generating the driving force necessary for the movement, then this force occurs in the transmission process of secondary, where chain conveys that strength to the wheel. In the tasks of operation, the front wheel of the bikes makes such activity, where the driver by a manillaje or handle, lets dissect the wheel at the place desired; In addition to the handlebars of motorbikes are other useful items in motorcycles, such as the accelerator that increase the engine revolutions to enable the bikes in an initial time starting and then be able to increase the speed, the handles of the brakes, which facilitate greatly slow or completely stop the bikes quicklyclutch or clutch which allows changes or velocities which has the bike change easily, this is complemented with the shift lever. Contact information is here: Mark Kotsay. It must bear in mind that some bikes have no clutch because they are semi-automatic, so the process of changes makes them the same box that is located on the engine and there will also be other motorcycle that has no changes or velocities but simply speeds up and already.