Technology Installation Of Interior Doors

Requirements for installation technology: 1) the gap between the floor and the door of 15 mm, a gap in the loop 2 mm gap on the porch of 4mm gap between the door and the upper part of box 2 mm gap between the door and the lower part of the box 3mm, all clearances must be smooth along the entire length of the product. 2) the indentation of the box casing not less than 5 mm (or more if the tongue touches the lock casing, or a loop in the doorway of the "Maestro"), 3) otvetku thicker than 0.8 mm should be embedded (milled), 4) the door installed in an opening according to plummet, and 5) before zapilovkoy boxes of height to fathom the level of the floor and put the height in view of the curvature of sex, in order to box, PunBB forum and clypeus not hung in the air, 6) The plat shall maximum adjacent to the walls, the angle 45 on the plat as well as the corners of the cartons must be washed down and fit perfectly 7) the door is attached to the 4-D screw on each side, attached to the casing nails or studs on the agreement with customer with a mandatory minimum sizing in 4 points (each item) 8) PunBB forum is made to the wedge, taking into account the curvature of the walls, as PunBB forum and casing after cutting planed and fitted plane, 9) is gap not exceeding 30 mm or put timber (purchased by the customer), 10) Fittings must be milled perfectly, 11) tank foam designed for doors 3-3,5, 12) performed with a phased dismantling of the old sawing box manual saw and, if necessary fasteners are cut off the old block grinder, 13) master must periodically clean the workplace and make a big trash on the landing, 14) boxes must nasverlivat drill 6 and 8 mm podpotay, including nasverlivat when assembling boxes, respectively, drill 6 and 3 mm, 15) before installing the jamb and the boxes need to pick up their doors to match, 16) opening if it is possible to be closed casing width and height, 17), tie locks, hinges, response elements performed exclusively by specially equipped Frazer, If you used the services of our competitors, and your master can not or can not perform the work specified means adhering to the established technology or does not understand it – be sure whether his qualifications stated!. Many writers such as Walt Disney offer more in-depth analysis. .