Understanding Youth

What is youth? Technical, it is the biological period that goes of the 15 to the 25 years of age, when then, the people enter in the call adult age. ‘ ‘ Mercenrios’ ‘ of planto — the representatives of the Elite — through the aid of technician (aturia/statistics/economy/sociology) amongst others they had identified that these people in the etria band that goes of the 15 to the 25 years of age do not possess purchasing power to be inserted in the consumption society as they want ‘ ‘ owners of celeiros’ ‘ capitalists. However, also, they had perceived that ‘ ‘ estas’ ‘ same people possess high degree of influence next to its mantenedores and official sponsors (parents – uncles — grandmothers — the parentaiada all). . Click Coen brothers to learn more. Then, artificially, and ideologically, they had created the phenomenon of youth — ‘ ‘ amalgamando’ ‘ the puberty and the adolescence dismissing its biological bias, oportunizando and contextualizando a bio-psychic-social performance metamorfoseando it in an expression of behavior with movements of plea with its implicit and explicit demands. Of this it resulted an enormity of products, services and all an equipment of things to be vendidas for this public (voracious consumer) lamentably, dismissed of a critical vision that allowed them to evaluate that in the truth they were only ‘ ‘ mass of manobra’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ new gentlemen feudais’ ‘ — that they make of the consumption a way, end and objective in itself exactly so that if perpetuates the economic elite with millenarian its benesses. uses the Media to propagate this style of life (youth) that realimenta the consumption and fulls ‘ ‘ cofres’ ‘ of the idealizers of this insacivel metaphor social, prefabricated for whom of young they only have the same one and srdida old will to gain money to any cost since its youth, this in fact biological.. .

Latin America

The American president soon said that she would give support to Brazil and the Brazilian president felt itself flattered. Thing good U.S.A. for wanting to extend relations with Brazil, signal that the country is there with good image is. Papo tava so well so gostoso and flowing that they had decided to speak of commerce, exportations and opening of markets. American president suggested that Brazil stopped to import Chinese products, those baratinhos, me the quality and that dependent of U.S.A. became Latin America less.

Say-whose until he revived that American products are more interesting, but the Brazilian president affirmed that China liked to export primary products. They had talked a little and they moved of subject. Taking black coffee and laughing to toa, they had spoken of energy you renewed including them, biocombustvel and daily pay-salt. Lord American disclosed to extremity interest and sufficient curiosity in this sector, each time more efervescente in the Brazilian economy. To say of the relation of both the countries with the Anger left the tense climate short while, but all this colloquy still more increased the dream of the Brazilian president in including Brazil in the Advice of Security of the ONU.

E had not spoken very of corruption. Here it is that they had spoken of sport, Pantry of Mundo and Olimpadas in Brazil. Maquinrios the American president was gentile when offering, arranging preparativeses and other things more. The first woman president of Brazil was thankful, showed also areas that interest in the relation had Brazil-U.S.A., therefore as it says in the campaign politics, its mandate would be of unions. The colloquy arrived at the end. The American president left leaving Brazilian we some doubts. It will be that this relation will be real or only ideologies plays to the table? Sincerely, I believe that if well managed this union it can in such a way have advantages for U.S.A. as for Brazil. Over all, we are showing our potential and it he is being recognized internationally. This is very good, thus our country will become better, good chances will appear and will be developed economically social and. This yes is important.