China Blocks The Bloomberg Web

The Chinese authorities blocked access to the web site of Bloomberg News. Once again it highlights is the lack of freedom of Chinese citizens in accessing the network. It seems that the article published on the fortune of several members of the family of Vice President Xi Jinping is, this time, behind the lock. Since then it is not the first, nor will be the last, that the Chinese authorities block access to a Web site. Sites like Youtube, Google, Facebook and Twitter are directly forbidden in China. On this occasion is the publication of the famous article which has to fret with access to the Bloomberg website and is not surprising taking into account everything that sounds like a corruption attempt to hide him for not to provoke the wrath of the citizens against the Communist Party that governs (web design). China closed more than 1,000,000 web sites in 2010.

The country has a Great Firewall that not only restricts access to Western sites, but to sites within the country itself. The Chinese authorities attempt to by all means control the web content provided but there are many experts who point to a malfunction of the super firewall Chinese, refers to holes or cracks in the same (web design). However, there is a blacklist of websites blocked permanently and others are blocked if the URL contains any of the words considered to be prohibited. But the Chinese are experts in cloning of almost everything and have similar to the Western webs but controlled by Chinese personnel and conform to local laws. Thus, for example, YouTube has his counterpart Youku, Twitter Sina Weibo, with more than 300 million users, the Google search engine is replaced by Baidu that, of course, shows only the results that the Chinese Government wants, that if results very accurate, including files of audio, but an almost identical to Google’s design, and suma & sigue. Nevertheless, Chinese Internet users manage to use keywords in your comments and thus circumvent the censorship control. All this not only hurts Chinese citizens who are deprived of the freedom of the use of the network and the knowledge, but goes beyond, hurting the companies themselves Chinese that they begin to bet by design, and not only by the manufacture, and come lessen chances of advertise their businesses outside its borders. Website design – web Hosting

Internet Training

Turnover on the Internet is very high (about 7,300 million euros in 2010), and with an annual growth of approximately 30% over the previous year is a business a Web? An a Web business, is a training programme. Logistics and its whole structure is based on the training they receive enterprises to achieve having a proper presence on the Internet and acquire autonomy of 100% when it comes to handling the necessary technological tools so that presence is correct, truthful and effective. What is it different from other programs on the market? Any existing training program currently guarantees a tracking and mentoring continued for 2 consecutive years. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey L. Bewkes not as a source, but as a related topic. I.e., training lasts, in this case minimum 12-hour face-to-face, but the company can repeat as many times as you want the course. Not only the holder or owner or owner of the business, if not anyone they designate. This is something that has no precedent so far since costs would be incalculable If they should be you computed. Learn more on the subject from Walt Disney.

In addition to instructor-led training, the company has constantly manuals, video tutorials, an assigned consultant who will take your file and may resolve many doubts have and an on-site support of 8 hours of tutoring per week which can turn to when it considers it appropriate. To complement the above, and for those companies more demanding and who want to move forward, they have two years of a totally free ICT consultancy, may call us and arrange a meeting with a consultant that may guide them, advise them and guide them on any technology issue that might require. What is the current status of the companies on the internet? It’s very simple, statistical data are clear, less than 22% of our micro have presence on the Internet and more than 95% use the network for consultations or exchanges of information. Even with these implementation data, in our opinion very low, the volume of business on the Internet is very high (approximately 7,300 million euros in 2010) and with an annual growth of approximately 30% over the previous year.