Internet Site

The company is developing InoTeh sites in Ryazan, any complexity: from small website to complex enterprise portals and dynamic resources. We will help you make a choice: what kind of site is needed for your company. The development process site consists of several stages: First, it is important for us to hear your suggestions for the site (the desired sections of the site, colors). Determine the type of the future site: – online business card – corporate website – Information Portal – interent shop – promotional site – a combination of the above defined list of types of information (pictures, texts) to be provided by you to the site. After that, we have written terms of reference for the establishment of site and determined the final cost of the site. If the value of the site you're comfortable with, the wishes of the design is transferred chief designer of the web studio. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Iger .

Designer develops some preliminary designs of the future design (usually the first stage of a 2-3 variants, if nothing like it, do 2-3 more options, and so until the design is approved by the customer), with the corporate identity and company logo (if they do not have, develop separately.) Each layout is transferred to the customer for approval. Programmers working in parallel, they create a site engine and adjust the content management system. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. After approval of design layout is pages in HTML-code (optimization). The next stage of website development – testing of all mechanisms of the site. Performed first studio staff, after employees of the customer.

Testing is performed on the presence of any errors, ranging from grammar, ending the program. Site selection Site – it's the last step in creating a site, but it is very important. We help to choose a hosting and performing name registration for website (Domain name) for your company. After creating a site should think how to make sure that it saw the maximum number of people – to do the promotion of the site. Our company provides services to promote the site in Ryazan. Advancement (promotion) is a way of advertising on the Internet. All stages of creating the site could be removed to trace the Internet, on a special website.