Dow Industrials Top Technological

10,000 Dow or the correction more anticipated of 2 history October 2009 By Paola Pecora Still memory the first time that the Dow Jones index touched the 10,000 points for the first time, the 29 of March of 1999. Wall Street Journal inaugurated therefore 30 of March of 1999 and for the first time in his history, edition colorful (edition that I conserve), and titled in its cover: Dow Industrials Top 10000. And within one of so many referring articles to the granacontecimiento, it mentioned: I number record of Americans participates in the market, directly through action or indirectly through mutuales bottoms, and a portion record of its wealth is ligature to the actions. It was then in New York, and memory was a very special day: 10,000 seemed to be printing in neon lights, newspapers, TV, in Times Square, by all sides that one raised the view. Some restaurants celebrated with the creation of menu 10,000 in that day. In the city clearly not it spoke of another thing.

The lift attendants chatted with their passengers about the best actions to buy, and the taxi drivers predicted with exactitude decimal the next levels of the index. The great mass inside, the intelligent capital began to sell. Read additional details here: Gavin Baker, New York City. A year later, the 10 of March of 2000, the technological index Nasdaq Composite touched to the 5,132 points, marking an historical maximum and the beginning of the aim of one of the great swindles of the history that culminated with the technological fiasco, in which the index began to lose 80% of its value. The DJIA would lose a 33% until the 2002. Memory trader in Wall s$street commented a pair to me of years later: the market cleaned the technological swindle. It is that cannot be lain all along to all. A new trimester in October begins, and it raises after it from March; in which the DJIA raised a 46%, the Nasdaq Composite a 63% and the S& P500 a 54%.