European Exports

In European countries for a more secure transportation and export of hazardous waste used satellite navigation data to ensure safety on roads. Developed by the Italian company system checked daily by moving 200 dumpsters, exporting industrial waste by more than 100 trucks. Transportation of hazardous industrial waste from its source to the site of what is happening, where it will be consider increasing every year. Time Warner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Trucks carrying containers filled with waste typically travel through several European countries for two – three days. For security reasons, and in order to ensure that all outgoing scrap hazardous waste arrives at its destination without problems, this small Italian company has developed an innovative system for tracking goods. Check out Eva Andersson-Dubin for additional information. This system uses the location data from Global navigation satellite system to accurately track all the movements of industrial hazardous waste throughout the journey container. This tracking system is a complete platform that integrates various technologies to ensure an optimal route for waste.

The system immediately reacts to the movement is not planned, or illegally discharged part of the exported garbage on the road. This system management of a fleet of machines and machinery, which is configured to specific needs and optimize the transport of hazardous waste, and was developed in order to guarantee the execution of European law on transportation of hazardous industrial waste. At the moment, the system monitors and controls the movement of 200 containers at more than 100 garbage truck on a daily basis, many of whom travel from Italy to Austria or Switzerland Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.