SMEs Management

This is very true because there are many companies who can’t control their costs relative to the benefits that can be generated if considered, are put in place administrative actions that really benefit functions such as marketing, distribution, everything that generates service. If you would like to know more then you should visit Joel and Ethan Coen. The advance of computing, all the means that can help reduce costs should take into account. It is very valid as someone points out, that cannot companies keep anchored in a culture focused on costs, but that you must wager by innovation, but not only one that refers to r & d and has a more technological vocation, but also through the creation of spaces where creativity is encouraged in the business environment. In the Venezuelan case this is very critical about the absence of a management visionary, strategist, innovative that fully identifies with what should be an effective operability. All this is due to the low integration and use of the management with regard to the modern tools and to what the new paradigm demands, the result, the failure of many companies, especially SMEs, which have been integrated management to the reality of the current scenarios and have the knowledge required to deal with them, the results would be different. The fact, that when a crisis occurs, management must promote the actions needed to address them and generate changes that lead to stabilize the situation and ensure the company which could operate without fear. Jose Aguilar, author of grow after a crisis and managing partner of the consulting firm Mind Value us recalls in this respect: the change is successful when it is designed with rigour and runs with realism, but can failing but takes into account the reactions, perfectly predictable, all the affected interest groups, before the evidence of a new business paradigm, definitely enterprises, their management must give way to new actions, plans, strategies, innovations that generate results that favors them in their management, they can no longer worked, performing with knowledge and modern administrative tools, the effective, proactive, co-signers managerial topics of positive results. You should consider what the experts on this comment, that innovation, committed leadership and sustainability are the most repeated formulae and shall mark the success of the business recovery.

Required as it says Nuria Saez, partner of crescendo, consultant specializing in change projects and organizational transformation, leaders who are alienated by a new paradigm, in which old values such as individualism no longer serve, in tune with this new power, expresses Araceli Mendieta, equipments, and executive coach It believes that, although some models were successful in the past, it is necessary to be more permeable when adopting new systems that work on the new scenario forged after the international crisis. In particular, it is necessary, that management is identified with the features that the current trade scenarios presented and take step to innovation, to the use of administrative tools in keeping with what is needed to deal with them and if necessary generate transformations, changes that lead to favorable results. As it is also important as discussed in management experts know how to communicate all the management policies that will carry out the company, so that your staff can understand it and implant it. Employees are the most important customers of the company and it is something that should not be forgotten especially now, since the negative decisions require more explanations and there are companies that are losing ways. To the extent that the organizational culture is fully understood by all staff, commitment, responsibility will give benefits to the companies in its objectives.