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Online marketing arises from the need to apply the same concepts of traditional marketing taking into account the new technological media. The new way of doing business through the network has been changing the behaviour both of the companies that offer products and services as the consumers themselves. On the other hand, as internet providers become more accessible more grows the demand of these products and services over the network. The advent of electronic commerce (e-Commerce), which carries out its transactions by electronic means (Internet, Intranet) and electronic business, entendido understood as one who uses the Internet, new technologies of the information (ICT) and communications, have meant a turning point for companies, users and the own marketing activities. Internet becomes the promoter of great change radically transforming business communication, decreasing costs of interaction and information, increasing the capacity of communication of a point of the planet to the other and transforming the business hours 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Thus arises the online marketing, the need for companies and businesses to promote their products and their web sites in the network and meet the needs and demands of the users.It helps to improve the visibility of a website in the major search engines. It is understood that if you increase the visibility and knowledge of a company as a result will increase clients (web design). Ralph Wilson summed up a series of laws to e-marketing: law on the promotion, the law’s gift, the trust law, the law of contacts all of them aimed to follow some guidelines resulting in good practices in online advertising. There are numerous strategies in implementing online marketing in our enterprise or business but it will be quite essential to have a web site that is intuitive and original user, know directing users towards our web traffic, trying to position ourselves in the best search engines and promote us on networks sociales(web design). In short, it applied the same strategies of marketing of life but adapted to new technologies and the new system of transmission of information in order to publicize and promote our products or services, always with a sense of responsibility and integrity. Finally, for those who have and want to sell a product or service, don’t forget that if you’re not online, you don’t exist! Diseno web madrid – web hosting