Islamic Republic

Alone, the hidden 12th Imam satisfies this condition. His name disappeared born 868, Mohammed Al-Mahdi, 939. He is invisible and is waiting for a sign from God, to to return. Shia believe in different ways in the return. Many of them not really thinking. Of course it is possible theoretically tomorrow, but at the same time 100 000 years later, such as Ayatollah Khomeini, who once noted founder of the Islamic Republic. Mystical Sufis like Azmayesh expect a spiritual manifestation of God’s light, the return in the heart”, and they are accused by the fanatical groups, not to believe in the physical return of the hidden Imam.

However, another group believes that he very soon will return to life and give themselves to us. Her name is Hodjatieh. According to this group, believers can accelerate the end of times. As in the Bible, evidence of character even in the writings of Islam”, which become apparent prior to judgment day, all sorts of chaos can be donated to arbitrarily. Summarized the following picture by opponents and own goals of this trend emerges: from bloody Islam of Sunni Taliban, Wahabis and Salafis as terrorist forms of Islam they clearly are. The so-called American”Islam of the Sufis in the aspect of tolerance and individual development are important, is clearly rejected by them. The Islam of Shia, who live of the hidden Imam Mahdi in expectation and do everything we can to prepare his return, is their ideal. The radical ayatollahs would oblige every true Muslim to this position.

This has implications: the Sunnis are not the Imam, which is false Islam; Sunnis need to be tackled. The Sufis have their champions and expect not the Mahdi, which is false Islam; Sufis have to be combated. The Shiites must prepare as many problems, that God sends the Mahdi as a Savior. That is the way of Islam for their opinion; This view must be spread. The hardliners from Qom fear nothing more than to develop their thinking people who want to independently care for their spiritual development and learn independently. You want to instead tell everyone what he or she think, do and should leave. If this backward-looking forces continue to set in Iran’s power centres and that might be possible with the current cleansing – threatens the global application of a Bill through which by the Iranian Parliament to apostasy. Every Muslim as a result receives an order from the Islamic faith to kill fallen anywhere in the world. June 2009, Helmut N. fork

The Tagesspiegel

At the same time, he demanded the savings decisions at the expense of Hartz IV recipients “mitigate”. It was painful, that it wants to paint their pension contributions the long-term unemployed. You would have to keep at least their entitlement to disability benefits and rehabilitation. A lack of social balance of the savings package was discussed in the Board of Directors of the Union Bundestag group. One was to agree, that involvement of the upper income groups to the austerity could possible only through a higher top tax rate, it was said in Union circles.

CSU land Group Chairman Hans-Peter Friedrich called simply a “basis for discussion” the austerity package. The FDP leaders are affected: the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ernst Burgbacher, warned: “we had a clear agreement yesterday. I assume that the Union remains committed.” Secretary General Christian Lindner ruled out an increase of in income tax. The FDP leader in the Stuttgart Landtag, Hans-Ulrich Rulke, called on the Union to end the debate. The Tagesspiegel said Rulke: “the economy meeting aimed at restarting the coalition. If key findings such as the waiving of taxes now be challenged by Union side, the Black-Yellow Alliance in the Federal Government goes into heaviest fairway. No one can guarantee then that capsizes the boat not.” The State Chairman of the FDP, Jorg-Uwe Hahn, had expressed also shocked: “I can’t it believe that negotiations be attempted again belonging to the closest of the Chancellor 24 hours after conclusion of the contract.” He called on the FDP leadership “to publicly speak a word of power”. However, the head of the FDP Bundestag group, Birgit Homburger, denied disagreements to the austerity package.

There is “no dissent in the Coalition,” she said. In the austerity package, the FDP is apparently fully enforced and protected their clientele. Even if one finds that some cuts in social services must be and must – people take on the new course can not so.