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Such a measure is too drastic and practically impossible due to the consumerist world in which we live. Unfortunately we are at a point where you try to avoid damage is more easy to generate profits and is the mentality which is induce in us. There is a big difference between these two ideas, as one involves the restoration of a system and the other involves stop its deterioration through the so-called sustainable development. Example of this are the plans organized by institutions like the United Nations, which handles the concept of Global Compact or global compact, promoting the adoption of a number of shared principles and values that give human face to the global market, and promoting the construction of the social and environmental pillars necessary to maintain the new global economy. The Global Compact in a company or entity, requests as support for enterprises applying the precautionary principle with respect to environmental problems, greater environmental responsibility initiatives and promote the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technology.

It is clear that they are not corrective and preventive measures: prevent evil instead of generating a good. This variation of the theory of utilitarianism is known as utilitarianism oppositional, which promotes preventing or avoiding the greatest number of damage for the greatest number of people. The current discourse is avoiding damage to the environment that we guarantee our equal opportunities to future generations. Avoid climate change and global warming, not reverse it, that is the idea that falls entirely in the oppositional utilitarianism. As he has been mentioned, must do than natural resources and the world as we know it is possible for those who come after us even when we know they will look like and what will be your priorities. This implies the theory of the ethics of care, which tells us that our actions should be oriented to helping those who need it most, taking the risk of acting out of compassion and not with justice.

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In the sad one to become vacant of this repentance I wander loucamente in this amplido Until the vacant lullaby of this solitude Yields its place to the burning hot flame of the Escancarei passion you it door of my heart, you denied But you to enter playing the key that I gave to you, in the soil Today you walk in search of shelter in way the blackout you perhaps repent yourself, my love, to have played in the soil the key that today would be yours redemption? It more does not advance to beat the door of my heart, Therefore I yielded the place that was yours to who knew to give value to my passion Despite you find the key that impensadamente you played in the soil Moan to say you that it does not open more the door of my heart, Therefore I today changed of lock with the solitude This key of the access to the dark room of a bilge There, anxiously, waits the solitude to you With a cup of martine in the hand! You will drink, in folded portion, the poison of the disillusion! This poison will not kill you! But it will perpetuate pain in your heart!