Land Owners

Some land owners who sell their c / x plots for the construction of summer resort, offers (if necessary) services to change the permitted use – with c / x c / x for agricultural, construction of summer resort for $ 100 per hundred square meters, with guarantee period of registration changes – up to 3 months. Only a representative sample for analysis was included more than 2000 proposals from 13 areas. Gain insight and clarity with Time Warner. It is common knowledge that the land market of Moscow region is about 4.5 million hectares. From them on agricultural land use has 1.77 million hectares (32%). It is believed that the potential for individual building can account for 10-15% of this area, ie, about 170-260 thousand hectares. Based on the processed data from the maximum number of information resources and databases, the amount of updated and targeted offers in the past three months is just over 30 thousand hectares (or 10-20%).

It is interesting and the situation on the distribution of land by ownership. So at the Moscow region most of the land is municipal property (72%), and 20% owned by citizens, and about 8% owned by le. Consequently, the potential of the major players in the market in the near future, oddly enough, will municipalities, which in the land market may in some way to adjust the volume of supply. It is worth mentioning that the official information on the development of the land market in our country is very fragmentary and often does not provide market researchers enough quantitative information to analyze the land market.