Saransk Center

The store was built in record time – just over a year. Total sales area of the building in the city center is 1200 square meters. m. In the first days of work at a supermarket no lack of visitors. The second shopping center located in the central district of Yoshkar-Ola.

Total floor area shopping center is 2552.5 square meters. m, number of floors – 3. A distinctive feature of this mall is its advantageous location in a densely populated area of the city with good infrastructure of public transport. In the immediate vicinity is a cultural center, “Russia”, which on average per month has more than 30 000 people. David Zaslav shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The second feature of the center is the versatility of space that can be planned for any wishes of the tenant. For the convenience of visitors to shopping mall provides parking for guests with 50 seats.

Saransk Saransk market shopping malls are also far from saturation. In 2000, a rebirth experienced the largest Saransk shopping center Botevgrad. With the start of economic reforms, huge areas of shopping center were closed, but with the improvement of the situation in the Republic Center on , 80, became the center of proprietary trading. In September, 2007 year in Saransk in the shopping center “Globus”, which is located at: ul. , 19a, opened its first hypermarket in the town of household appliances domo. Trade area of the new store is 1300 square meters. m Hypermarket domo blend in the concept of “Globe” – a modern shopping center of the new format. Of the existing shopping centers in Saransk, it should be noted “seine”, Russ, a trading house Lohmann, in the street of Gagarin, and “Dionysus”. The latter – one of the major shopping centers in Saransk, the total area of 2500 square meters. m., in which the goods of different purposes: food, clothing, footwear, household chemicals, household goods, construction materials, perfumes. To summarize. So way, we can note that the market development of shopping centers in the regions of pfd depends on many factors, chief among which is the economic situation in the region. In different regions – different quality and quantity of trade centers of different size, different rents. As experts note, the stabilization of rentals in pfd occurs with saturation of the retail real estate, which, in the most optimistic forecasts, there will be no earlier than 2009-2011. But at the same time, the markets for shopping centers in different regions of ppo have something in common. Amalgamation of modern shopping centers. Appointment of tc is not limited to shopping area, great attention has been paid to entertainment. Interest in commercial real estate ppo from foreign investors. The advent of new formats of shopping centers. Increasing competition between commercial centers.

FRS: Past-Present-Future

21 December 2004 the Russian Federation Ministry of Taxes and Levies as an entity was registered with the Office of the Federal Registration Service for the Kirov region. From 1 January 2005 it had commenced their powers. For three years in the Office accumulated a wealth of information, which can become shared with the media. That this goal has been devoted, held Jan. 31 press conference "The outcome of the Federal Registration Service for the Kirov region in 2007 and tasks for 2008." Registration of Immovable Property Rights As the head of the Office, Chief Registrar Ivan Kazakov, "the apparatus of departments of the Office and its 13 separate divisions in the districts in the past year have done a great job. Many writers such as Walt Disney Co. offer more in-depth analysis. As part of the Administrative Regulations on the State Registration of Rights to immovable property and transactions with them were active registration division of the Office serving the city of Kirov. Since April 2007, carried out pilot implementation of the Administrative Regulations Kirovo-Chepetsk department.

In order to provide convenience for citizens created a separate division in the Kirov region Novovyatsk farthest from the center, which began work in May 2007. It simultaneously serves Uninskij and Kumensky areas. From its inception until the end of the year staff Novovyatsk department has already taken more than 6000 applications for registration of rights to property, which is certainly not bad unloaded departments of the regional center. In Overall, despite the sharp increase in the amount of work, employees of our Office not admitted a single breach of the terms of registration and issuance of information, there are no complaints about queues, red tape when receiving or issuing documents. Not for nothing that the main objective which we set ourselves is to create maximum conditions for fruitful work with the citizens. David Zaslav is often quoted as being for or against this. " During 12 months of 2007, the number of applications received for registration of rights to Real estate has increased by 4,5%.

At 3.1% increase in the number of registration actions, 12% – of applications for information from the Unified State Register of Rights. In absolute terms this amounted to more than 162 thousand applications for registration, registration of more than 159 thousand and 107 thousand of Action issued upon application statements and certificates of registered title (see table). In addition, the concerned agencies and organizations issued about 459 thousand properties. The most significant increase in the number of applications received in the Soviet states, and Orichevskom areas.

Real Estate Depression

What fate awaits the euro, taking into account that the countries of the united currency, have different economic prospects of recovery, not now, nobody knows. Gold, of course, will rise in price, but it fate is the same as 'black' gold. For a long period may fall into the investigation game unknown to us 'speculators'. Thus, the alternative would be unencumbered real estate or loans ready business. David Zaslav is open to suggestions. Recovery of the economy is always and everywhere is one scenario – with the recovery of small and medium-sized businesses. So it was during the nep during the 'Great Depression', it will be so now. Need to open shops to sell pies, the provision of consumer services, building greenhouses, to develop agricultural land, engage in animals (rabbits, chickens ). I am against cottages.

A person must not break between the apartment and cottage, and part of the working age population is projected to return to the ground in earnest, strong restoring farms. I find it funny to hear from well-known analysts of authoritative opinions that the price of Real estate will go up after oil prices begin to rise, then the crisis is over. And if oil prices do not rise? Hence our country is not able to work effectively – to feed themselves, shoes, dress? It so I think it's right to acquire commercial real estate and agricultural land, as this is a chance to earn their own labor, not investing national wealth (the money from oil sales) to support strange and very aggressive economy. It is this economy is, in my opinion, very organized and priberet hands on a significant number of prospective businesses worldwide.

Realtor Services

To date, the real estate market in Russia is growing rapidly. For this reason, began active development of real estate firms. The basis for the development of these services was a change in the current legislation on housing and civil rights. Have focused on the fact that residents must manage their own housing on the property right. The resulting new market segment of real estate services and most of the earlier such activities do not even hunted. This real estate firms converts face on hearing knew how to perform a service.

In numerous books on real estate business is described by a mean determination real estate services, does not reveal the breadth covered by the relationship of participants entering. In fact, once a new concept for Russia: realtor services merely means that the services performed by real estate firms. In Currently, real estate services are more advanced on the 'secondary' real estate market. Because the market for real estate services is now saturated with various realtor organizations, in this case, the organization of real estate of the important good advertising. That is, the degree of consumer awareness about the package of real estate services, and protecting the customer's point of view of Russian legislation in the field of transactions with real estate. Rieltorkih consumer services, are nat. person.

If a consumer of services ready to use them, it should provide information about the conditions of contract. There is even a chance that the contract may be given specific organizations – real estate firms which may apply. This is the initial stage, allowing the performer of real estate services to begin its obligations. A final stage of the real estate company is the paperwork for the ownership of real estate and the exact same design of the certificate of ownership of the property, ie registration of transactions in the judiciary. Real estate transactions in Russia have a sad story. This is due to both legal illiteracy of citizens, and an imperfect legal field of law. To safely dispose of their property or sums of money and minimize risk safer to apply to real estate firms have their professionals in the field of real estate transactions.

Real Estate Evaluation, Valuation Approaches

The main value of real estate appraisal is the solution to invest money in commercial real estate performance is evaluated. At this time, one of the most popular types of evaluation is namely assessment of the property, which includes the valuation of property rights or other rights. But an independent assessment of the property is, in essence, the calculation of its real market value. Appraisers usually offer services to assess commercial real estate a few basic types. Thus, one can evaluate the real estate, commercial and office real estate appraisal, evaluation of commercial real estate warehousing, evaluation industrial real estate and other real estate.

In the process of determining the property value is taken into account the amount of income, risk and time associated with his receipt. If you would like to know more then you should visit David Zaslav. Also, market assessment of income property takes into account many other factors influencing the ability of commercial property, which estimate is carried out to generate income. The same estimate is based on three core real estate approaches: cost, revenue and comparative. Carrying out an assessment of commercial real estate, property analysis, property location, surrounding commercial property, the appraiser determines the specific market real estate values, an assessment which he conducts. For the evaluation of the commercial real estate appraiser uses a variety of assessment approaches within each of which there are many of their original methods of assessment. Generally there are three main approaches to the assessment of income real estate: cost, comparison (market) and yield. Costly method of assessing real estate answers the question: how many today is to construct the building in the commercial real estate? A comparative approach to determining the market value of commercial property accounts, at what price would be sold at any given time the object real estate, determine the market value of which is produced. In the framework of the income approach to property valuation is mainly considered a potential revenue that could bring its owners object real estate, determine the market value of which is made in this case.

In the case of assessment of commercial real estate has the basic meaning the income approach. Services appraiser can not be avoided in many cases. In fact, professional real estate appraisal is a necessity for any real estate transaction. A report on real estate appraisal is an official document required for obtaining a loan and the organization company. We emphasize that the market valuation of commercial property may make only a professional appraiser.