Systems Certification

For many companies, one of the important issues of operation, and sometimes even survival, is competitiveness. Particularly relevant issue arose in periods of economic downturn. In order to reduce costs, improve quality of products the plant has certification of management systems. Management Systems Certification is performed by special organizations having a license for this activity. If you have read about Robert Thomson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Certification of quality management systems by enterprises in accordance with accepted international standards and similar Russian documents. According to existing documents, certification systems management to the following standards: standard health and safety (OHSAS 14001), the quality standard (ISO 9001), the standard of environmental safety (ISO 14000). Certification of management systems is not a mandatory procedure, but a certificate of compliance both international and domestic standards, increases the credibility of the company and increases its attractiveness. The procedure for certification of management systems is strictly regulated.

To of the need to apply to the relevant certification bodies. But the time of the organization should already be developed and implemented a quality management system, occupational health and safety or environmental and industrial safety. The certification process is an audit of all business processes for compliance with accepted quality management system. In the case of a positive outcome is issued a certificate of compliance accepted standards. Quality Management System Certificate has validity of 3 years. During this time, regularly carried out inspections to monitor compliance with quality management system established standards.

The Consumer

In the case of work with mechanical weights requires the participation of a man who must evaluate and record the result of weighing in a notebook or make it into the computer database, which does not exclude machinations. Today, efforts are being made, including developers and weights to correct past lack of mechanical scales. Way to automate the mechanical scales, scales proposed by the manufacturer, more reliable, but it scares the consumer of its complexity. Its essence is as follows. On the axis of a dial indicator mounted disk of transparent polystyrene with deposited code mask, consisting of eleven concentric code paths. They are formed by transparent and opaque to infrared radiation areas.

Code mask is a map of cyclic Gray code. When you rotate the disc code combination of dark and light areas, which can be found along the radius is changed and is read by photodetectors. Then the code is decrypted and passed to a computer. The market can be found another solution – 'modernization mechanical scales'. In the traction motor scales embedded sensor weight. If before such a way to 'upgrade' was used many eminent firm, now from this refuse. The reason is that the error in weighing the mechanical weights increases with time due to abrasion of acute prisms. Insertion of the sensor with his characteristic (and sometimes reach a considerable value) measurement error simply prints 'upgraded' to the category of assessment scales. Leading producers electronic scales proposed upgrading of the mechanical balance of another kind.

Production Technology

About structure, industry, housing, road construction, etc. If you would like to know more about John Stankey, then click here. Production technology and processing of various metals have a long history. They reached the current level of progress through the practical experience and scientific discovery of several generations. First, people have used for various purposes native metals – gold, silver and copper. He then learned to obtain metals and fusing them together. Getting the bronze (durable and solid an alloy of copper and tin, some time later and with other elements) became a new stage of human development, which has been named the Bronze Age.

Later mastered iron smelting. The first melting units to produce iron ores were shallow excavation pit (mining), which loaded powdered iron ore and coal, charcoal. Walt Disney Co. contributes greatly to this topic. When burned, charcoal ore turned into syrodutnoe iron. Him removed from the furnace in the form of pellets (iron Critz) and subjected to forging. By XIII-XIV centuries.

ad syrodutnye kilns have replaced round silo stoves – domnitsami. They have developed a high temperature, compared with syrodutnymi mountain, and there was a process of iron saturation carbon particles. See Discovery Communications for more details and insights. As a result, at the bottom of domnitsy produces a liquid metal – iron. From it produced a simple casting (plates, bowls, etc.) that have good stability and durability, but they were fragile and not resisted forging. Gradually form domnitsy changed, but its size was increased. It became known as blast furnace, which is still the basic unit for iron production. The modern blast furnace – a major and highly-automated assembly of high unit capacity. Currently, metallography and related sciences contain in-depth knowledge about the structure of metals and alloys, and the nature of domestic bonds in them. On Based on this use thermal or thermal processing type alloys and metals, which alters their characteristics (mechanical and physical) in the direction in which we need. Parallel to the development and improving methods for ferrous and nonferrous metals went processing. The major technologies include the production of metal casting, forming (rolling, the process drawing, pressing, forging, stamping), welding and flame cutting, thermal and mechanical processing, and various other types. To meet the growing needs of engineering in the foundry industry industry gradually implemented the latest techniques of casting and molding machines, conducted mechanization and improvement of technological processes of manufacturing iron, steel and other non-ferrous castings metals. Progress in this area is not stopped to this day, these advanced technologies are necessary if the transport of metal (rails, the top structure of materials ways, bandages), chernogometalloprokata (I-beam, channel), etc. Our company sells metal products, machinery parts, as well as offers for sale the metal-Rail. With the new technologies, we offer only high quality, high-grade products.

Universal Vacuum Cleaners

Festo vacuum cleaners differ in many modern technical solutions: the use of flow sensors to control the speed of air in the hose to at 20 m / sec. This saves energy and operating force, reduce noise, improve durability and reliability; motor Festo excludes the application of carbon brushes, which reduces the risk of ignition of combustible dust. Also different engine power, compact, very long life (is 8-10 times more than the usual commutator motor), anti-static coating protects the hose from a possible electrical shock, spontaneous combustion of dust, dirt clinging dust, the use of prefilter can remove large debris. all hoses Festo (27 to 50 mm) can be attached to any vacuum cleaner Festo without retooling or adapters. All vacuum cleaners (Mobile dust extractors) Festo creates negative pressure to 23 kPa. Universal Vacuum Cleaners SR-151, SR-200, SR-201, SR-301 – correspond to the increased requirements for professional use, have automatic on / off switch, electronic brake coasting, the increased discharge due to a dual turbine float valve for use with wet mud, a double filter bag with closing latch. SR-151-E-AS – which has an extremely compact design and high power, the availability of effective silencers.

Has a suction control efforts and anti-static performance. SR-200-E – has a sloping intake valve and a cassette filter bags. SR-301-LE-AS – the most powerful of the generic models. Has a suction control efforts and anti-static performance, powerful chassis and tank made of stainless steel. Industrial vacuum Festo ct 44 E Vacuum cleaners for wood, for metals, paints and plastics SR-203, SR-303 (for wood), SR-202 (for metals, paints and plastics) meet increased demands for professional use, has automatic on / off switch, electronic brake coasting, regulation efforts suction flow sensors, float valve for use with wet mud and anti-static performance.