Papa Michael

Why is the NPD not prohibited, said a satire about the policy has Papa, Michael’s MOM that you can not ban the NPD. Yes my son, who should know. Wants Yes the NPD abolish also the Constitution and the basic law, the parties terminate and again Germany incorporate East Prussia and Silesia. In addition to all foreigners send home, even those who are born here and whose Eltern already were born in Germany. Other leaders such as John Stankey offer similar insights. I think they’re also partial objectives of the CDU and the CSU in particular. You can ban Yes also not the party, one each year gives millions of tax money on grants. But Papa, the NPD receives no money from the Government. You may find that Paul Ostling can contribute to your knowledge.

But my son, gets the NPD according to the party financing law every year between 1.2 and 1.4 million euros by the Government. WarnerMedia often says this. Because party has only 5,900 members, these are approximately 220 euro per Member. And that most only paid, because that your balance sheets forge cares here even more. Fake balance sheets is for our Government completely in order. The Greeks and some other countries do so for years.

In addition, the party earned much money, that she want to buy houses for political training. Because the towns and the cities don’t want to have they pay high transfer fees of the NPD, so you then withdraw from the sale and purchase agreements. Yes Papa, what is then the NPD as a party for Germany? Nothing, but the Government needs someone she can blame everything, if she has any success with implementing your goals… One half of the party’s leadership will be paid now about protection of the Constitution, as so called V-men. If the MOM of Michael not again and again would give the money where, during the long defeat. Most followers have the home of Michael’s MOM Yes anyway only in dark Germany. Probably believe even that it controls the NPD. The NPD or even our Government? And who wants to ban something that he himself owns, or of which he is dependent on?


Today, in place of one of the oldest and most powerful (!) Factory in Russia 3rd International – the village of "elite" houses. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Discovery Communications. In 1988, the Dagestan itself produced about 42 000 and 54 000 tape cleaners. Today ridiculous it seems the idea of producing a high-tech appliances Dagestan. Twenty years ago, Dagestan was, without doubt, the industrial region. In 1990 the industry employed 146 000 people in the building – 189 thousand. Now just over 80 thousand people working in industry and 35 thousand – in construction.

And there are real even though these numbers mean? Dagestan has recently conducted a study among medical workers of one very large and well-known plant. The plant is, plant stand, working in the shops on the list are registered. And in fact serve only a third of those listed. Agriculture today is considered the most successful branch of the "real" sector of the economy of Dagestan, the pride of the Dagestani authorities. Especially animal husbandry, where performance exceeded the republic of the 1980s. But in reality? Today in the southernmost region of Russia abandoned nearly 100 thousand hectares of arable land. And it is in plant You can achieve much higher levels of production intensity! Alas, our agriculture into a branch of hoes and herding sticks. But twenty years ago the level of agricultural mechanization Dagestan is only slightly inferior to the best performance of the leading countries of the world. Worked in the fields of the republic more than 10 thousand tractors – three times more than now.