The sky is clean as of Brigadier General and dry air. Climate of total desert, nor a breeze that either. Jack Quaid has much experience in this field. It comes me a taquicardia, some type of palpitation, thing thus. I believe to have been something that somebody said it made that me to remember. I catch myself laughing to the times when also at other moments I perceive some similar thing, silly for liking, for still liking to remember. The smile in the photos is a dbia thing: joy and pain, agre and candy. As if it was not enough arrives at the sensation of lacrimejar, conscientious insurance. A word appears in the mind, as crazy horse, ached to the times, but the life continues and the change is part of it. This philosophy if opens as a desert my front. Walking and singing a song of the Djavan, I follow without the cooling wind of the passion nor dreamed breeze of the love. I am another one, come of inside of me, tearing the skin of this being for of more sentimental and moving one more time, renascendo of me in the month of the wild dog Mrio Sergio Dos Santos