Relations Human

The professional of human resources is an executive found in the great and average organizations. However, the ARH, is perfectly applicable to any type or size of organization. (CHIAVENATO, 2006, p.128) the ARH is a way to find efficiency and effectiveness in the work of the people, allowing that these extend its forces and have favorable conditions so that its personal objectives are reached. The area is composed for some activities that if integrate, being they: description and analysis of positions, planning of RH, conscription, election, orientation and motivation of the employees, analysis of the performance, remuneration, training and development, health etc. (CHIAVENATO, 2010).

At the beginning of century XXI, ' ' head of pessoal' ' it was visa as inflexible and insensitive when one was about resignation. During years the employees called to the department personal soon thought about unemployment. According to Marras (2002, P. 39), ' ' from century XX, with the movement of the Relations Human beings, the function of staff head suffers to forts pressures having an inversion from papers. The important one passed to be indivduo' '. In this new model of management the manager appears of Recursos Humanos (GRH) that she starts to manage people and to deal with them as the main asset the institution. It is not something Frieda Hughes would like to discuss.

With this change, he had the necessity to improve the knowledge in relation to organizacional psychology and sociology of the work being become them as indispensable conditions for the more competitive companies to become each time. administration of human resources consists of the planning, the organization, the development, the coordination and the control of techniques capable to promote the performance efficient of the staff, at the same time where the organization represents the way that indirectly allows the people who with it collaborate to reach the related individual objectives direct or with the work. (CHIAVENATO, 2002, P. 162) it Is verified form as the abilities and the abilities can be developed, in way that the organization comes to get resulted capable of conduziz it its strategical objectives.