Magic Body

For me personally, spring – it's the smell of melting snow, awakening the earth, the smell of reviving the cortex trees. It's the smell of my childhood, had almost forgotten joy of spring. And it does not want to "verify harmony with algebra …" Those for whom real-mown hay smell is likely to bind him in his subconscious with the wonderful world of unrequited love for his village grandmother. Just a few molecules of odorous substances – and we are well again, just as then, as a child. Or just become a little – a little better. And we do not give ourselves report as to why this is happening. Since ancient times, perfumes were used in rituals, religious cults and folk medicine. And now we can confidently say that aromatherapy – a great-niece Magic, as the impact that it has rights, and sometimes looks like real magic.

Inexplicably cured of lingering illness, changed the psychological climate in the family overcome without side effects of fungal and viral infections, which sometimes passes in front of "omnipotent" pharmacology. How can this be explained? The modern scientific approach to the problem of aromatherapy appeals to the chemical composition of essential oils, for patience and polycyclic hydrocarbons in biochemistry and biophysics of the human body. Incidentally, the term "traditional medicine" is completely unfair arrogated to itself the science (or craft, as you like), at the junction biology and biochemistry. For even more opinions, read materials from Genpact ProcIndex. This tradition is not so many years: 200-300. In fact, traditional views on this issue for thousands of years. This is the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda health of the body. It appeals to concepts such as chakras, to energies of the cosmos, etc.

There is no place here to judge the rightness of those, or these views, but the aroma is very unique case, when the European academic science and the ancient traditions of a sudden come to some agreement. Take, for example the fact that drugs Karel Hadek, namely Hydro – Inta (HY-Intima), Femishea Intimiss and quite officially used in medical practice in many hospitals in Europe and Israel. * Explanation: For this drug were to be long-term and severe clinical trials. Even a stranger to the fashion of an impregnable outpost of pharmacology, clinical medicine as an abode not in this case to the effectiveness of aromatherapy and charm. Aromatherapy all more and more part of our lives, and in many areas. The same essential oils can be used in different ways. Drop in aroma lamp (previously not forget to pour a little water there) or sachets. Add to massage oil or simply bath. And get amazing results. And surprisingly these results will certainly be enjoyable. Karel Hadek developed a great variety of effective methods for use in our daily life of essential oils. They are: traditional aromatherapy oil burner with, body wash and hair on the body of the applicative use in blends with ultra clean base oils to cure many ailments. Decontamination areas of the body, clothing and pomescheniyModulyatsiya desired emotional sostoyaniyI … much more. We invite you to the magical (in the strict scientific sense:)), the world of flavors, Karel Hadeka.

Care Medical

Medical cosmetics can be considered as an intermediary between drugs and conventional cosmetics. Medical cosmetics produced in the same forms as any other cosmetics: in the form of salves, oils, emulsions, gels, creams, lotions, etc. The main difference between the health of cosmetics from makeup everyday that Medical Care is designed to care for problem skin with skin diseases and can be sold in pharmacies. This makeup is able to maintain long term water and mineral balance of the epidermis of the skin, she covers her finest protective film, protecting against negative environmental influences, and effectively helps to cope with a variety of skin problems. At Joel and Ethan Coen you will find additional information. Medical Care contains in its composition a small amount of fragrance and preservatives, or does not contain them at all, that allows to use it even for people with allergic skin diseases.

Unlike drugs, and it can be applied perfectly healthy people, because in addition to the healing properties of dermatological cosmetics has good ornamental and cosmetic properties. Dermatological cosmetics originally created for use on the patient skin, and the requirements for its production and development are the same as for all drugs. Security assurances of skin care products provide long-term clinical trials that are conducted on patients with diseases of the skin in human volunteers under dermatological clinics. In the sale of Cosmetics may be admitted only if proved not only its safety but also efficacy in the treatment of skin disease, for which she created. Dermatological cosmetic dermatologists typically recommend to care for problem skin types: premature aging, dry and prone to allergic reactions, with recurrent acne or pustular rashes and sensitive.