Khi Kong Techniques

'Khi-kong' (vet.) – 'Work with the breath. " Being able to master the mechanism of breathing, we can draw from this source, without any restriction, increasing its internal forces. Improving the circulation of energy in the human body through breathing exercises khi-kong – a big topic, and it can not be together in one article. Let's analyze the main components of this issue. What is aging? In the second half of the human body it starts getting worse adapt to the usual environmental factors that, in the end, in addition to a gradual physical decline, leading to the development of chronic stress reactions. As a result, people lose ability to work and becomes a burden for the family, and very often for myself.

From antiquity to the present opportunity to improve through rehabilitation and strengthening the physical body is always caused great interest to humanity. As a result, there were countless techniques and practices – in China, India, Nepal, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. Today, Western medicine came to understand that the energy (khi) – this is the same as bioelectricity, occurs during the natural electrical processes in living organisms. Yes, science over the past 100 years of research in this area has in its arsenal, enough materials. It's no news that the power of thought – objective reality.

Anyone with ideas can extend your fingers to enlarge or reduce growth. In extreme cases appear extraordinary physical abilities, awakened by all of the the same power of thought. All techniques achieve khi-kong is the result of work with consciousness.