Ernest Hemingway

Conversely, if you want more excitement you can choose to enjoy the nautical services, who have several modalities. In First you can take a catamaran with a capacity for four people-3 kayak DBL and SGL 1 kayak. Levisa near Cayo Paraiso, small dimensions is located and where he was the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway. It can also be made snorkeling in the barrier reef at two different points: one in quoted Cayo Paraiso and another in a barrier point known locally as the mysterious chain, a place named recently in comparison with the ancient toponymy. Other types of walks are those offered in the small starters surrounded by mangrove trees that are close to Levisa, located on the coast of the main island (Cuba), known throughout the country as estuaries.

It is fascinating to observe the forms so curious that it mainly adopts the mangle, the aerial roots of Red mangrove. It is easy to observe curious forms of life, from small fish to crustaceans. Or simply enjoy the sunsets, which are truly wonderful. Coen Brothers may also support this cause. Could not miss related to diving, because there is no hazards for this sport in the chosen places. Diving can be both day and night. For the uninitiated this optional is also possible, because on the diving there are courses, which dominate something this technique for both those who are initiated into the same. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coen Brothers on most websites. We rent diving equipment.

Take long time enjoyment of related above, there is the possibility of a lunch box. Comforts are not missing on this small Cay: the same account with restaurant, doctor and massages, bar, shop and barbecue on the beach. Lunches consist of dishes prepared with fish, chicken and pork optional. Just as in Cayo Jutias, observed hearings at the North coast of Cuba are very beautiful and curious, especially chain mogotes and the small surrounding heights. It should be noted the fact that no hotels to stay, while that is not an impediment to visit them, because our long and narrow country, distances are always short between both coasts along the coast. Even the widest point between them does not exceed 150 km. There are other facilities where it is not often that staying international tourism, since the amenities are not the same than in hotels, although the comfort and careful attention to the visitor are acceptable and very different from them, but do not lack. They are the so-called campismos, very much in harmony with nature. They are not buildings such as hotels, but in the form of various capacities, all with inner bath, cabins where the primary medical care is guaranteed 24 hours a day. In Cuba they are relatively recent, and very popular since they emerged on May 16, 1981. 109 Bases of campsites that are in our country, 25 are not Cuban visitors, 12 of them of them are located on our shores. Places where such bases are are valuable natural or historic, because its main goal is to show the beauties of our country and its main historical facts. In the next issue the capital will be devoted to the second tranche on the coast North, very different from the previous one, which includes Havana, of the country.