Estimated experts, the average UV-protection by laminating prolongs the life of the product at 5-6, and sometimes more than once. Film for lamination type Fotoneks able to absorb a significant part of UV radiation while maintaining their protective properties in the next 3-5 years. So, if you plan a long life of the product advertising, it simply must be properly "pack"! Now consider the threat of wind for the advertising surface. Gusts of wind, methodically, from day to day impact on the exterior materials, which often spoils the appearance of advertising. Of course, much depends on the quality of "mount", and the properties of the paper, and on how long placed ads. But in this case one can say with complete confidence – laminated paper (at least with the thinnest film) on strength characteristics even give odds of dense synthetic paper. The emphasis shifts only quality labels.

And, finally, water. Whatever water-resistant paper was not, anyway, hung some time outdoors, it is gaining moisture. Can anyone help lamination? Of course, since the film, which is layer cake of polietilenteroftalata or polypropylene, and etilvinilatsetata still some – or ata – Lena (depending on the variety of films), the water to not let the paper for any subject. What other external factors can be eliminated by quality "packaging" in the film? Any smudges, dust layer – all of which can be simply washed from the surface of laminated products without compromising the image. Now a few words about additional benefits and properties acquired by the product lamination. It is known that the laminating film is a matte and glossy.

Depending on the texture of the film optical effect may be different. Glossy film "Raises" the image, making it more vivid, juicy and crisp. Matte film makes the image visually flat, strong, "eats" small print flaws. Matte film warrants a mild flare and scatter light falling on the surface of the material. It should be noted that the range of application and range of so-called "special" films is very wide. An important part of it occupied by a film for cold lamination. This type of films is especially important for "naruzhnikov" because of the wide use of solvent printing. Media materials used for such printing is not very well tolerate heat, so hot lamination for them unacceptable. It is for them and developed the film, allowing high quality laminated cold (at room temperature or with slight heating). In conclusion I would note the following: none company in the world today can not offer such a wide range of laminators and laminating films, such as GMP. The latest development could help even a small printing shop in a short time to become a leader in its area, offering unique work, with little cost. For more information you can always get in the office of "Alfatech plus" – official representative in the Siberian region of GMP.

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