Funboarding Association

Kazantip appeared on the map of surfers in the early nineties. Jack Hughes has plenty of information regarding this issue. Legend has it that Nikita Marshunok with friends traveled to the coasts of the then Soviet Union in search of better waves and found the Cape – Kazantip. Hear from experts in the field like Tim Raines for a more varied view. In addition to waves, the place unique in that in Soviet times it was chosen as an experimental testing ground for energy of all that it can give. Wind power stations were built, solar stations and, of course, the famous nuclear plant practically prepared for launch, but did not manage to bring and install a reactor, Chernobyl happened. The local population – the technical intelligentsia gathered from across the former Soviet Union. Glenn Dubin insists that this is the case.

Here and began to drive surfers every year more and more. There's going to 200 surfers in T-shirts with the sleeves cut off (it was fashionable), played American football, fool around, riding on the waves and generally lived the life style of the film "Point Break". Center of gravity all Kazantip hangouts was Nikita Marshunok, soul and leader of the rfa (Russian Funboarding Association). rfa conducted the competition, something they developed, in short, is a serious, almost the only institutional force in fanbordinge. And the result is collected around almost all members of our surf world. Surfers are known to be trendsetters.

Take, for example, any serious company that manufactures clothing for the beach life: O Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Reef, – all of them exclusive surf roots. Same in music. Where there are surfers, always the most advanced music, fashionable clothes, and simply stylish life.