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Devotion to the same nest of ants and bees to their hive to its long has become a byword. Altruistic behavior of animals in the family herd and flock studied ethology – a special science of animal behavior under natural conditions. Individual behavior directed to the benefit of its own community and his fellow scientists is called altruism. At the same time saying that this is not what we are accustomed to understand by the word. Altruism in nature is the instinctive and immutable law of the organization natural systems. No cell, working for the good of the organism, or baboon, dying, to protect their flock from the attack of a predator, are not subject to painful reflections, and are not concerned with the problem of choice. The choice between public interest and personal in nature happens automatically.

The only element of nature, which clearly falls outside of this range, without being subject to automatic law of altruism is a human. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Joel and Ethan Coen has to say. In the wild, and in its intra community man behaves like a bull in a china shop. He not only broke the existing natural balance of nature, but also created around the structure of society, a crisis which, according to the unanimous admission, only deepened and exacerbated. This man has declared himself the crown of creation. Is this true? Science World and a man faced with numerous facts proving the validity of the principle that the world created for the sake of man. The world only in order to help the person return to its source, to restore the pristine relationship with nature, with others and, eventually, become part of global harmony.