Information Dynamics

As cited, the dynamics of the information is sped up and arrives at the pupils of clearer and forceful form of what what it is in didactic books, with this as adds Pontuschka (2007, P. 343) the didactic book ‘ ‘ Beyond not having the attractive language of the television or the sites visualized in the Internet … it can not contribute for the production of a knowledge that helps the pupil to enrich its vision of world by means of studies geogrficos’ ‘. He is in this hour that the professors must search other languages of education that they surpass the deficiency even though or that they improve its performance in room. Katuta affirms that It is verified daily necessity of the interaction dialectic between the representations and languages used for the pupils with those spread by the school.

It is by means of this iteration that occurs (reverse speed) the construction of knowledge, representations and languages of the citizen. (KATUTA, 2007, P. 227). As Lefebvre defends (apud KATUTA, 2007, P. 227) ‘ ‘ … You may find Robert Thomson to be a useful source of information. Before raising it the theoretical level, all knowledge starts for the experience, prtica’ ‘ ; we agree that to learn by means of representations and languages if it becomes more advantageous, to elapsing of the learning process. The importance of the diverse languages in the studies of sciences and, over all of Geography, is substantial to develop in the pupil the perception of the reality and to observe with other eyes its geographic space. When searching to develop the autonomy of the pupils, the professor of Geography has that to instrument to reflect them it, to be creative and to search information on the world and, also, the taking of decisions. The pupil has that if to become capable to recriar what he was learned becoming apt to construct a speech that leads the action of intervention in the society; thus, he will be able to become an ethical being, that are in the world with the others, a being of option, of decision.

Historical Legacy

BECKER, Bertha. AMAZNIA: GEOPOLITICS IN THE TURN OF III THE MILLENIUM. Please visit Brian Roberts if you seek more information. So Paulo: Garamond, 2004. SUMMARY OF THE TEXT: ' ' The Historical legacy and the Structural Changes in ends of century xx (CAP. I); The Amaznia and Globalization (CAP. II); The New Place of the Amaznia in Brazil (CAP. III). ' ' CAP I the historical process of the Amaznia today configures its basic paper in the economic space, social politician and, what it implies in the territorial formation, the regional planning and the incognito of heartland.

In such a way, the territorial formation of the region if constitutes from the process of settling made for Portuguese and Jesuit missionaries, what it delineated the exploration of the natural resources, a priori the extration of the drugs of the hinterland was economic base for exportation. In elapsing of the time ' ' boom' ' of the rubber also it possessed this mercantile intention and later the definition of the limits of the region had been configured, in the period of 1899 and 1930. Being thus, formation of the region in them detaches strategies in order to get greater has controlled of the territory beyond, to deal with the territorial occupation, approaches the extration of resources in the Amazon region, what it extends for the domestic market and external, defined the space as border economy. This allows in them to detach that it had, and still has economic, social conflicts and politicians around the region as well as, quarrels that around turn of the form to be used the land, of the consequncias that the border economy brings for the Amazon region and the world. In this manner, the governmental structure considers the regional planning in the decade of 30, with its initial phase commanded by Getlio the Vargas who stimulate projects for the action scale, however resulted effective regarding integration, modernization, also implementation of projects and in the development generality the principle for Juscelino Kubitschek is caused.