People are always looking for different occupations that symbolize the tastes they have in the different modes of life skills, in addition to a productive activity that means the application of knowledge so we can go develop their knowledge by applying it to certain fields of action arising pleasant environments and situations, as well as be a sample of the things you enjoy in life not as a profession but as something of great pleasure, as a hobby in which they can find pleasant moments. With this in mind one of the best ways when trying to choose a field of action arising of pleasant realization is engineering, with its many manifestations which allows you to study engineering can have a comprehensive vision of the world since offers many possibilities when trying to apply the knowledge obtained by studying engineering, this understanding from a global viewpoint. As mentioned above, to study engineering there are many choices, there are certain points clutchless found in all types of engineering, so we can say that engineering is the application of knowledge, obtained both theoretically and in experimental situations, which in the process of studying engineering through the lives performance of laboratories, which is the materialization of the theory in various practices guided by teachers. After studying engineering knowledge should be expressed through drawings, models and techniques to give a practical and useful solution to several problems that may occur in human life. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The engineering study will gain knowledge about major fields such as mathematics and natural sciences, which must be applied in the use and development in an ideal way of the various materials and media of the environment in which to play, to get the most out of each situation to provide a solution to benefit people and for the same application environment. To some extent what you're looking at engineering study is to generate ideas on students, then to make these ideas by transforming into something real and of great application for people's lives. As you can see the engineering is largely linked to the life of man, which has been present many times in the life of humanity in the ongoing historical process, so you can locate the source of engineering as a means of implementing and acquisition of knowledge and study to obtain them from the industrial revolution, because through the application of engineering since then has enabled the development of modern human societies, so this scope and studying engineering activity is considered one of the major pillars of development. Another option that can be generated from the activity of an engineer, is the possibility to invent, improve or make better use of techniques of knowledge..