Soft GI * Effect

vivagreen the new soft drink from vivamangiare Cologne, November 3, 2008 consumers tend to more nutrition and health awareness. In the stressful everyday make more and more people on a particularly healthy and balanced diet. The vivamangiare shaft food GmbH has responded to this trend and developed a new soft drink with vivagreen, which supplies the body with the energy he needs, helps control weight and prevent cravings. vivagreen is the first beverage with the GI * EFFECT. The GI * EFFECT is caused by carbohydrates with a low GI of under 50 GI stands for the Glycemic Index (GI). This indicates how quickly a carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood glucose levels can be. The steeper climbs upwards of blood sugar, the more insulin pours the body to reconstruct these. High insulin levels causes however, ingested fat will not degraded, but saved by the body.

According to the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO) foodstuffs are divided into three groups those with a low glycemic index (55 or less), those with a medium GI rating (56 to 69) and food, a high GI value exhibit (70 or more). Starting point and at the same time high GI value of the glycemic index of glucose is 100. Corn flakes have about a glycemic index of 81 vivagreen a GI value of under 38 maintains blood sugar levels, provides energy, not charged, and supports weight control. vivagreen fits perfectly into our existing restaurant concept. Vivamangiare Wellfood restaurants guests can feed on specific carbohydrate-poor. “All food and beverages are color-coded Green stands for low-carbohydrate foods and drinks with low GI, yellow for dishes with medium GI and red for carbohydrate-rich foods with a high GI”, explains Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of the company. vivagreen is there in the Flavors of Apple and lemon with a fruit content of 30% and no preservatives. Also the flavors of currant grape and ORANGE-lime on the market come from spring 2009.

The classification of vivagreen as foods with low GI was confirmed by the Institute of Sport Sciences of the Goethe University of Frankfurt by a corresponding certificate. About the glycemic index, the daily food and beverages consists largely of carbohydrates. They provide energy to the body. They keep blood sugar stable, while they have the GI * EFFECT. The GI * EFFECT prevents a high secretion of insulin. With the consumption of carbohydrate-rich drinks such as Cola and lemonade, the blood glucose level rises sharply. The body must produce now much insulin to the mirror again which in turn promotes the build-up of fat deposits on a constant level to bring back. The result: Constant lowering of blood sugar levels cause of hypoglycaemia. The consequences: less efficiency for Body and mind and a greater sense of cravings for sweets. Contact: Vivamangiare wave food GmbH Ulrich Overdiek CEO Handel Street 25-29 50674 Koln phone + 49 221 801 294 10 fax + 49 221 801 294 11 mobile + 49 173 544 99 10 email: network integrated communication Sabine Jokl Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

Wine – The Rediscovered Remedy

Wine has health-promoting composition, which can prevent certain diseases excessive alcohol consumption is widely considered a trigger for cancer. On this Tatsacher, the science will not shake. But as regards the consumption of wine, scientists have shown that a regular but moderate consumption has positive effects on health. Why wine may protect against cancer in various studies, scientists found that grapes contain an enzyme that can prevent the formation of cancer cells and reduce the spread of existing cancer cells through its antioxidant effect. Investigations, a protective effect could be detected already with breast cancer cells. The enzyme that should be examined now more precisely on its effect, is called resveratrol. Resveratrol is included in large quantities in wine grapes, especially in the seeds and shells. Because in the manufacture of wine, depending on the wine variety different procedures are used, is also the concentration of Resveratrol different.

While the grape seeds and dishes when removing white wine of the most early are separated, they remain a long time in the most during the fermentation of red wine. High is the resveratrol concentration in long fermenting French wines, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Why drink wine promotes a slim line in addition to the antioxidant effect of wine, there is evidence that the grape juice affects digestion. A Danish study examined more than 6,000 subjects in terms of the impact of alcohol consumption on body fat percentage and waist circumference. Those subjects who drank wine regularly, but moderately had a slimmer waist and a lower body fat percentage than subjects who consumed beer and spirits, or even alcohol. It is believed that the polyphenols contained in the wine and a high acid content are reason for this. Particularly positive effects on the character observed in the consumption of Riesling, which has a very high acid content. The acid is the acid of the stomach Similarly, therefore, the scientists suspect that this stimulates fat metabolism.

As it supplied with a glass of wine with vitamins in addition to the aforementioned health-promoting substances wine contains valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With a glass of wine, the daily requirement of iron, potassium, can cover 20 percent of magnesium and manganese to 10. In addition, it includes wine vitamins C, and B6. Heiko Kanthi