Republic Paraguay

If they had been the priority of this Government, today the MEC had strengthened to Guarani in all levels of education and the Executive branch in an act of coherence had already enacted the law of languages. Again, as on previous occasions, the Paraguay will not come out of ignorance, poverty and misery without the Guarani. Useless policies of Government in Castilian, useless if they are not expressed in Guarani. More information is housed here: Gannett Co. Inc. 87% Of the Paraguay speaks and understands Guarani. The problem of the Paraguayan was never the Guarani, the Paraguayan problem always was Spanish. At GCI you will find additional information. 200 Years ago educated gua u our compatriots with classes, books and exams in Castilian unaware and subduing their Guarani-speaking status. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rotten Tomatoes. It’s like teaching in Korean to a people who only speak English.

No, the Paraguay is not yet neither sovereign nor independent. We still live under. With the exclusion of the Guarani and no law of languages there is nothing to celebrate. This will be a bicentennial of independence of gua u, pure ball. I would have liked to begin this year 2011, by saying that we are happy because the Ministry of education and culture decided to keep the Guarani language in the third year of secondary education and that, even, in coherence with the celebration of the bicentennial of the Paraguay resolved match the hours of teaching both languages (Guarani and Spanish) in the national educational system. I would like to start this year 2011, by saying that we are happy because the President of the Republic already signed the law N 4251 of languages. But no, none of these things occurred. Then, from that celebration I speak?, do national independence from which country refer?. In the end, this Bicentenary is only a matter of marketing, something that manifests itself in mouth out for a new expression of political hypocrisy and which – in fact – will only benefit a few guys.