Returning To Valencia

It is in that city where he suffers an accident that separates from active duty, why returns to his native Valencia, where after recovery is incorporated into the social and cultural life of it, being part of some of the most important societies and associations, while formalizing some associations along with some colleagues. Contact information is here: David Zaslav. The August 27, 1989 he married Ana Rodenas, a beautiful Valencian born in the beautiful town of Torrent. The fruit of love born of this marriage two daughters. Rocio, in 1992, which has already won three awards. And Gemma, born in 1995 and with great artistic concerns in the field of gymnastics and dance. Write novels, poetry, short stories, both in Castilian and Valencian, and has published works in both digital format and printed on paper, either alone or co-authored part of poems and other books. Following his literary preferences and building on their knowledge of computers, creates the Web LLVS, which over time would be destined to become one of the world’s Web pages concerning Valencia, in addition to offering numerous content in Castilian.

Then create your personal page in Castilian,. Participates in 2009 on radio, as radio talk shows tails, and Castalia TV presenting his book, In Sao Trellat i (the sayings valencia). He is a member of, The Association of Writers in Valencia (AELLVA) The Global Network of Writers in Spanish (remittances) The International Society of Authors (Sane Society) The Poets of the World Movement Chronology In 2000 created in the free server, Iespana, Web, Yes Valencian language property in 2002 acquired the domain gave rise to the page of the same name, Valenciana Llengua Yes (LLVS).