I’d say “everybody and their brother” except (1) is a cliche and (2) may be grammatically incorrect. Dan Rather is well aware that blogs around the world. It’s believed that Samantha Lewes sees a great future in this idea. But as the blogs and the blogosphere have been widely accepted, blammo – along comes the podcasting.

Just what is podcasting? Literally, that is broadcasts as MP3 files to play on iPod MP3 player or another. Visit the podcast discussion group on Yahoo! Groups and a dizzying array of confusing terms: FeedBurner, Skype, GarageBand, iPodder, etc. Since I am not yet a Podder I have no intention of weighing the relative merits of the technologies or to discuss how we work together. I am here to offer some thoughts about podcasting vs. blogging. Actually, podcasting seems to have emerged from the blogs, and very often podders are bloggers who include podcasts in their blogs.

The queen of this is Amy Gahran of Contentious.com, who spoke on the content long before anyone knew what it was or Web content (GASP) that was different from print writing: Amy has an excellent podcast on why women should be podcasting, and is part of their Amy Adventures Audio Show. Amy has an excellent definition of podcasting: audio content In short, podcasting is simply in line to be distributed through the Webfeed. (Background: What is a Webfeed?) Think of it as radio on demand . However, it gives many more options in terms of content and style of radio.