Jose Alberto Cardona

Work experience is important to some extent to gain the confidence to face the challenges at work, but above all the foundations that are acquired from our training are even more decisive in our performance not only personal but occupationally speaking. If an individual has an assertive behavior can talk with confidence and trust to their superiors, and to convey their concerns or problems in their section, correctly and accurately, but also helping them not only to improve the quality of the company through good reilaciones labor. At the same time an assertive person knows when and how to address his subordinates, with due respect for them and knowing guide them, understand them and assimilating their ideas, proposals and errors for the good of the company, which will make him a good leader not using timidity with superiors or subordinates aggressively, but rather treat them all with the same assertive behavior, respect and keeping the initiative in every situation. Conclusions assertiveness makes the incoming stimuli are exactly those we were sent, and makes sending messages that we actually send and essentialized our respect and that of others as we remember Jose Alberto Cardona assertive behavior also helps us to be able to ask or rather negotiate properly with those around us, negotiation based on what we want to convey a correct and respectful without being timid or aggressive when speaking. Then a technique to communicate and in turn change the behavior and manner of thinking of others through negotiating assertively. So the person who addresses a situation assertively is more likely to reach a satisfactory solution not only for herself but for those involved. Everyone has the right to be who they are and say what he thinks and feels.

When this is done assertive ensures the utmost respect for others and for oneself. Robert Iger can aid you in your search for knowledge. The assertive person usually defend well in their interpersonal relationships. Is satisfied with their social life and has confidence in itself to change when needed. It is expressive, spontaneous, safe and able to influence others.

Cold War Globalization

“Truth is on the net is absolute.” The management of any company anywhere in the world where this act can not ignore what Globalization represents all economic activities, trade, our interest analysis to determine what effects, challenges, opportunities, threats presented. Consider that globalization is not a new process, not a product of the twentieth century I. There was a first wave of globalization since the late 1800s until the First World War. The second wave of globalization is more active we are living now. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey L. Bewkes not as a source, but as a related topic. Begins after breaks or collapses the Berlin Wall era ending the so-called Cold War. Now the world is not at odds for ideological reasons, not military, confrontation is the conquest of markets and the conquest of knowledge within a global or planetary vision is facilitated by the revolution in information and communications.

Al analysis of its scope, development, it is important to understand the impact of globalization on the three most important aspects of development: social, to determine how you can achieve a social balance in this new march of humanity towards the achievement of new goals in this new society will be the knowledge society . The economic impact is to evaluate how you can achieve a fair and economic development that is sustainable in environmental terms, ie the preservation of the minimum conditions to ensure a reasonable quality of life, in environmental terms. Finally, the political impact of globalization, as external conditions that obviously affect the changes in our political institutions to effectively address new global realities.