Zen Movement

Something bigger we’re missing. We are moving irrevocably towards a new relationship with the creative force of nature. Martin Scorsese understands that this is vital information. No matter how long we drag their feet, we have to accept that the information-freely generated and freely exchanged, is our only hope for the organization. If we fail to recognize its generative properties, we will be unable to lead this new world. This new world is asking us to develop a different understanding of autonomy. Keep in mind,, For many administrators, managers, autonomy is only a small step away from anarchy: If we use it, should be carefully limited. As someone commented bitterly: “I work in total autonomy, provided it stops at a level below me.” However, in any part of nature, order is maintained in the midst of change because there is autonomy at the local level.

The subunits absorb the change, responding and adapting. What is urgently needed in this constant flux is that wonderful state of global stability. Instead of developing pockets of stability and increase them to arm in a stable, nature creates the ebb and flow of movement at all levels. These movements are fused into a whole that can withstand most of the demands for change at the global level because the system has invested enough internal movement. Precisely, the movement of these systems is kept in harmony through a force that we are only beginning to understand: The ability to self-referential. Definitely, it needs new leaders who can interpret the changes, develop strategies to counteract the effects of economic turbulence and competitive hurricanes are generated every day, senecesita

Administrators who are true agents of change, generating strategies, new paradigms that the company will ensure their survival, under a true framework of social responsibility, ethics and missions and visions to enable them to always be proactive in these dynamic settings where administrative science increasingly conducive to new knowledge. Finally, consider the statement made by Margaret Weatley, now it must be remembered, the scientific principle of self-reference, which evokes a different view of management and promises solutions to many of the dilemmas that we importune: control, motivation, ethics, values . changes. And as an operative principle, separate living organisms decisively machines. Do not forget, finally, which highlights the Zen masters of the techniques of the Koans, where they know the brain is not a machine, which can be projected to new levels of thinking by means of exercises autorreferenciales.