Celestial February

Snowfall paralyzed the life of China, most areas of the country disrupted transport links, there are problems with deliveries of food, millions of people across the country were trapped in train stations and airports because of canceled flights. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the actions of the elements affected over 78 million people. Direct economic losses from a sharp reduction temperature and the continuing snowfall in some areas of China amounted to over $ 7.5 billion (as of February 1). In central China snowfall caused enormous damage to agriculture. Struggle with the elements in China has the dimensions of national scope: to clear streets and roads designed military, students, civic volunteers. Complicates the situation in China and that the impact of elements occurred on the eve of the main holiday of the country – New Year on the lunar calendar. On the millennial tradition of Chinese people during the Christmas holidays visiting his 'small home' and family members.

Thus, the heavy snowfalls and frosts have occurred in China – is not only natural disaster, but a challenge to tradition, the basics of Chinese life. Meanwhile, predictions of weather forecasters in China are disappointing – on their data Celestial soon expect a new wave of snow. Meanwhile, the strongest snowfall collapsed and in Britain and the U.S. Marmots in America, bears in Russia: whose forecasts are more accurate? Last week came the last month of winter – February. In Russia, Feb.

1 marked the folk festival – Makar-vesnoukazchik. If this day were the sun and drops it was believed that February will be mild and early spring. If this day was a blizzard, it presaged a cold February and late spring. And in the U.S. and Canada the role of a meteorologist performs marmot. February 2 is celebrated annually the traditional folk festival in North America. It is believed that on this day to watch the groundhog, emerge from their burrows. By his conduct can be judged on the proximity of the onset of six weeks of winter. This year, the famous groundhog Phil predicted that spring in the U.S. Others who may share this opinion include CBS. will come soon – in about six weeks. Because of the climatic features of the Russian winter marmots in Russia prefer at this time even to sleep, and onset of spring in Moscow proclaim awakened after hibernation bears. The most accurate forecast of spring comes in the metropolitan zoo give it bears. If the Bears finally woke up and asked to eat – hence, the real spring soon come into its own. Despite the uncertain weather – then thaw, then chill – toed the Moscow zoo fast asleep, putting our hopes for the approach of spring Lark females are fickle in choosing the 'second that each individual animal female chooses its 'second half' of the year for the same parameters.