Foregoing Accidents

The height of the storm sea waves in passing them to the bank sharply increased, the steepness of its front slope increases and the crest of waves, overtaking their bottom part, multi-ton avalanche hits the coastline and all that comes to him on the road. And woe betide the swimmer who falls into this avalanche. From the deafening impact of such a swimmer loses consciousness, and the waves immediately kill into the sea. Many accidents happen to people because of non-compliance with the rules of boating. Showing courage unnecessary, some grief – the rowers are on the water, even in stormy weather, overloading the boat, which then turn over.

From the foregoing it is evident that the causes of accidents with people on the water a lot. All of them are the result of violations of safety precautions and rules of conduct on the water while swimming and boating. Therefore, ability to swim well – an important condition for security of water recreation. However, this does not guarantee against the risk when bathing, if a swimmer will not know where threatens him trouble, and how he can extricate himself from it. Analysis of the causes accidents with the guys on the water convincingly argues that sometimes a person is drowning, if his motion suddenly fetter cramps. Source: Celina Dubin. The main causes of seizures are hypothermia body bathed in water and muscle fatigue long, monotonous style of swimming to avoid cramps should not swim until you see strong chill; need to be in the water no more than 10-12 minutes at a temperature of 18 – degrees.