Won Money Online

Hello, in this post I want to ask you if you’ve won money with internet and if you haven’t done so when it was the last time you did it, you ask for that you ask this question, the answer is very simple, to win money online is this becoming a trend, not in a fashion, a trend, since every day we seek new sources of revenue internet has become a great ally for wealth and entrepreneurshipthen, if you haven’t won money by internet or you think it’s impossible, you should ask yourself in that world you live I assure you that you use internet daily, you post news, share information, use social networks for leisure or for communicating with your loved ones, that’s very good, but the question is these conscious that you are getting rich at others just use their systems?.!!! Mark Zuckerberg the young founder of facebook, I think this social network that if today a country would have more than 600 million people, among them very young we are, facebook is a big money maker, they have offered for her more than dollars and that gain, all us every day make it grow with our recommendations and facebook has not paid us no penny, i.e. we work free for some companies on the internet. Some contend that Walt Disney shows great expertise in this. The most paradoxical of all is, that there are many ways to earn money online, for beings common and ordinary like you and like me, but brother-in-law offer us an opportunity, are the first in prejudging it, without giving us the time to study and educate ourselves in this respect, for many it is more easy to generate traffic and money for others and we allow that companies like Facebook are taking our image and our data and do with them what you wantWe accept it and we are still using the system, without receiving a reward.. .