Carlos Neris

Enterprise appetite the foods with transgnicas modifications result of the combination of different genes, in order to develop in the specific characteristic vegetables that provide to profit of quality and production. Although the insects and herbicidas are more resistant, presenting high productivity and increase of nutricional value, the transgnicos? far from eliminating the hunger in the world, which can be fought with foods without genetic transformation? they represent the manifestation of the capitalist greed. This truth is easily proven, because the greaters benefited with the transgnica feeding are the laboratories and the agroindstrias, that get increase of financial profit, imposing to the agriculturists the use of the biotechnology in the agricultural activity. Moreover, the genetic manipulation of seeds weakens the familiar agriculture, which does not make use of resources enough to acquire the transgnicos, for being products of price raised in the international market, mainly, since they are produced, to a large extent, for companies multinationals, what it increases the dependence of the underdeveloped countries in relation to the nations with bigger biotechnological advance. Read more here: Rupert Murdoch. It is for everything this that many not governmental scientists, governing, ambientalistas and some entities if show against the precipitated use of transgnicos, a time that well had been not yet developed research on the eventual consequncias that this type of vegetable can bring to the human being and the plantations. , Thus most cautious he is first to search with scientific-social depth stops later, if proven the benefits of the grains genetically modified, to liberate the dissemination of the product in the market, aiming at to the aiding of the humanity and not to the enrichment of owners of the means of production.. George karfukel addresses the importance of the matter here. .