Dogs Hunting

An indicator of this is the rapid growth of the dogs. So, in 1935, there were at rough estimates of about 70 million dogs, and in 1990, according to official UN data, 500 million, of which more than 100 million dogs belongs to the companion dog. According to tentative estimates by various experts, the number of dogs in Russia is 5-10 million. Where information? A dog in the lost person with wildlife occupies a unique place in the first place, because, in the words of A. Kuprin, she “understands people much faster and thinner.” Such communication – the basis for the formation of a harmonious personality, the basis for the mental and physical well-being. This aspect is especially emphasized in the final materials a congress of Russian handlers.

However, the role of dogs in the life of human society is not limited to his physical and spiritual well-being. It is so versatile that any other animal possesses a small fraction of these opportunities. Among these features and functions conferred on a dog to protect the public interest, where the dog is important and hardly replaceable in the future instrument to such public institutions as the army, police, border and customs, etc. The concept of species, the structure of rocks. Acclimatization of rocks is now known more than 400 breeds of dogs. Constantly emerging new breeds, which are derived by crossing different breeds of dogs, so for example, were derived black terrier, the Moscow watchdog, or by selecting from among different types of dogs that live in different towns in different parts of the world, for example, Canaan dog, bassendzhi.

The concept of purebred means that there are proven and reliable information about what such a dog comes from famous parents, belonging to a particular breed. In each separated by large distances parts of the world have formed the main breeds of dogs. This separation of dogs by breed took an active part and the man who hastened the development of individuals, especially useful for him and the types of dogs, respectively inhibited or even prevented the development of certain breeds and species. Breeding of purebred dogs, people are already engaged in a period for which we are able to trace only on archaeological sites. In ancient Babylon, the Egyptian kingdom, ancient China, but more so in ancient Greece and, later, in the Great Roman Empire kept dogs of various breeds. Already in ancient times were known to man certain breeds of dogs and their inherent characteristics. Along with it there and classification value of certain breeds of dogs within different rock types. In the Middle Ages breeding dogs became even fashionable, then have many new breeds of dogs For example, hunting hounds and small dogs, which served to entertain the court. With a view to making an already existing breed some new qualities, which until then, the breed had no dogs of various types were crossed. When the process of improving the breed by crossing was finished, to create so-called standard. At a dilution of existing breeds used strict selection, the ultimate purpose was to obtain such copies of animals that could resemble the ideal type, the appropriate standard.

Gathering Mushrooms

While many mushrooms are edible, but they should be good to know, as come across a lot of inedible and even, in fact, poisonous mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms are not harmful to surrounding plants, and even if you saw how the fungus eats animal, it does not mean that it will be harmless to humans. Because those fungi, which digest the animal, can poison the human body, because it is more sensitive to toxic substances. Many novice mushroom pickers often seen as poisonous mushrooms, which have some bright distinctive features, such as the sharp taste, color is too bright, or foul odor. But all these assertions are not always correct. For, in principle, be definitely think of any general rules for determining whether the toxic whether or not a mushroom.

Therefore, I personally, as an experienced mushroom hunter, I recommend to all novice mushroom collecting only those mushrooms that you know very well. A Specifically, many times seen in a lively and experienced mushroom hunter told you that this is an edible mushroom. Or do you have to be very well familiarized with illustrated fungal directories. Moreover, references can not only good understanding of what edible mushrooms, but also remember what the poisonous mushrooms to subsequently know to look at, what kind of mushrooms do not need to collect. More tips for working with the directory: if you have a good An illustrated guide, you can take it with a campaign for mushrooms, so that when in doubt, you could look into it. If not, you can use the online directory. Namely, when you returned home with mushrooms, you have at home can compare the collected mushroom handbook. And at home to throw out the poisonous mushrooms, if caught.