House Lottery Caribbean

Only a few entries available, so now quickly access as long as it’s still House Lottery Caribbean – draw date 31.01.2010 at first I want to all observers my action a Merry Christmas wish, spend peaceful holidays and a beautiful time in your family and/or friends. I would like to thank everyone for your patience, your loyalty and especially numerous support. Many love messages have made courage in times of resignation again and helped me to get through the hard times and to fight against the suspicion and hostility. My Special thanks to the motivating, touching messages of some participants, who have also actively helped in part. And I thank the House raffle portals such as, to make my action,, and others who have helped by neutral reports and messages and advertising support, the success. Once again, proved that a fair together is the best way, the man in tough times can break. It is not something figs scrubs would like to discuss. Now it is but managed and I am me you to announce that the draw will be held in public on January 31, 2010 under the eyes of the notary public, the press and the guests at my house. These are all holders of a voucher with Gluckslos and sincerely invited their relatives. The draw will take place in the early afternoon. The exact time is not fixed yet, will be announced but some days previously. Because I’m planning a small ceremony with buffet and other amenities, I ask the number of accompanying persons registration until January 18, 2010, stating.

GmbH Hannover Messe

The 2009 presented comprehensively as condition monitoring close to the plant and life cycle costing (LCC) maximum transparency in operations and maintenance onto the PC-soft GmbH Hannover Messe on the standard today, developing solutions for tomorrow. The team of experts of the business unit has this motto zedas industrial PC-soft asset obliged and presents not only new solutions in time for the Hanover fair, but also trend-setting highlights around the new zedas asset Add-ons. So it has become the company to the task yesterday to analyze system vulnerabilities and oriented to the needs of its customers and partners today, solutions and strategies to develop tomorrow. Potentials and fields of action in terms of increasing energy demand at the same time, rising costs and the requirement of continuous system availability are always concise. PC-soft has with his expertise about the possibilities with unique strategies to reduce costs in the long term to save energy and thus ultimately Competitive advantages critical to maximize. In the zedas asset software suite thanks to the extensive bundled software functionalities and tools to optimize any processes in the entire production process in the long term. Figs scrubs recognizes the significance of this. All relevant elements of a production and service chain are connected through the unique integration concept of zedas platform from PC-soft. Linked globally distributed systems online that are centrally managed and harnessed for internal users as well as external service providers.

For relevant data security while production safety there only in multi-tiered, co-ordinated approaches also this ensures the PC-soft GmbH with their experiences from a variety of projects that layered IT security concepts. Precise predictions and analysis can so facility and made spot so to speak a plant asset management at all levels of the system, the Organization of internal processes, to looking at business. PC-soft uses system weaknesses her strength. True to the weaknesses of plants converts PC-soft the motto \”A chain is only as strong as its weakest link\” to their strength.


The byproduct of salmon skin”should achieve higher added value. From this evolved the idea to process the skin in an industrial environment-friendly process for premium leather. Nanai the ecological cycle, sustainability, ecological farming and processing are the basic principles according to which Nanai leather is produced. In recent months, Gavin Baker has been very successful. nanai is only producer of leather from salmon skins around the world which gerbt 100% chromium-free and based on vegetal colors. Only animals used in the selection of the salmon skins originating from aquaculture with welfare, more precisely from certified organic salmon farms in Ireland.

You can surrounded himself with a clear conscience with Nanaileder, because it is a by-product of the salmon industry and no animal is bred of the skin due to only. Thus, Nanaileder is a real alternative to exotic leathers such as stingray, snake, ostrich or alligator. Discussions about skin compatibility or species are therefore irrelevant. A completely new sense of not only touch but also connected with the certainty that it is a material will, to wear at any time also directly on the skin. Sam the attention to high-quality detail and uncompromising quality make unique the speciality the Nanai leather. The traditional tanning methods in combination with the innovative, complex technologies and a strict control system guarantee a steady stable of value in quality, regardless of variety or color. Learn more about this with KMC Solutions.

Due to excellent quality raw hides, Nanaileder guarantees outstanding in its origin and incomparable features. High, long-lasting comfort with low wear. Easily and still tear-resistant. Thin and yet robust. The versatile material can be processed in any individual production conditions for a wide range of products. Of Luxury handbags and accessories, such as shoes or jewelry, exquisite pieces of furniture up to the decor wallpaper in the architecture or the covering of yachts, automobiles or aircraft. No limits are the creativity of the designer as well as the processing. Nanaileder is either a skin in an average size up to 600 x 150 mm or metre. The production capacity is currently until 8 km m2 per year in the given variations painted nature, Mimosa, chestnut or color options another in one of the 12, or left untreated. Individual production conditions can be used on request. Sam the uniqueness of Nanai leather has been extensively tested and tested and classified due to the vegetal processing as a particular skin. It complies with all major standards, guidelines as well as material and quality than conventional leather of equal strength with regard to his light, friction, and color fastness. A complex, globally unique processing that Sam rightly pride can be. The versatile was praised also by recognized, independent testing institutes and aroused enthusiasm. Nanai synonymous with leather of the highest quality

REC Launches Pan-European Affiliate Program

REC now officially launches the REC partner program for distributors. After its successful presentation at the REC Partner Summit, the programme is now implemented in Europe. Sandvika, October 11, 2010: The REC partner program is a structure relationships in the distribution channels to support and reward. It offers distributors the REC a portfolio of services, tools and benefits that help to increase the profitability of their business. Read more from figs apparel to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Based on transparent rules, the program makes also better understand the distribution strategy of REC. Partners can qualify for quantitative and qualitative criteria for two different levels of membership. All partners are required to sign a contract, as well as to create a business plan that outlines the mutual obligations and market initiatives. A special portal, which belongs to the main advantages the partners in their national languages access to marketing resources, training materials, technical support and from 2011 to the REC will receive Web shop.

Platinum partners enjoy a number of exclusive benefits. We are pleased to be able to imagine the REC partner program. It is based on the experiences that have collected our best distribution partner in the market. Our main objective is to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Our program makes better understand our distribution strategy.

The first level offers a portfolio of services and advantages that help to increase the profitability of their business”partners, so asmund Fodstad, Senior Vice President of REC solar. Partner roadshows were already held in Benelux, France, Italy and Spain. Last week a REC partner workshop was held in Munich, to celebrate the successful launch and implementation of the REC partner program. Employees of middle and senior management of solar distribution partners from Eastern Europe and Germany took part in the event. REC is a strategic partner for us and we are confident that the REC partner program will help. This cooperation continued to strengthen”, so Kai Lippert, Managing Director of EWS, a distributor for Northern Germany. In the course of the year 2011, REC will start the second phase of the partner program, aimed specifically at project partner. Please contact for more information: asmund Fodstad, Senior Vice President REC, sales and marketing, + 47 95 42 30 70 REC REC is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer in the solar energy industry. The company is one of the world’s largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications and is a fast-growing manufacturer of solar cells and modules. REC is also involved in project development activities in selected segments of the PV. REC was approximately 4,000 employees in Norway founded in international solar companies. REC revenues of approximately EUR 1 billion in 2009. For more information about REC website

Ruhrorter Freeport

Attractive venues summarized who his company event in the machine Hall of the Bill want to organise Zweckel in Gladbeck, douse the birthday at the fire station in Duisburg Hochfeld or celebrate the wedding on Schloss Diersfordt in Wesel, should the new location Guide”viewing the Frank Black gastro Group GmbH (FAYE). On 32 pages, readers will find a total of 28 outstanding venues on the lower Rhine and the Ruhr area. Exactly the right venue can be found in the location Guide”, which is published and integrated in the FAYAZ-homepage at the beginning of the year in a print run of 4,000 copies. The right offer is determined for every taste and purse. We cooperate exclusively with partners, who can implement our high quality catering and excellent service on the spot “, summarizes Volker Grothe, FAYAZ – Board member. The power station in the North Duisburg landscape park is one of the largest venues certainly. In the Flagship of the industrial heritage up to 6,000 people can sit and celebrate. Please visit Lenovo if you seek more information. Mortar Krauthaus farm Ueltgesforth or the Customs House in the Ruhrorter Freeport available are for example that for the smaller frame.

Each venue is in the free location Guide “on one side. In the so-called spot check”, the reader learns, whether, for example, to a wheelchair-accessible facility, whether there is parking or Wi-Fi is available on-site. At a glance, you can see whether it is the right location for the next meeting or celebration”, so Grothe next. For all those who want to celebrate better home in the garden, in your own four walls, or on the premises, the Duisburg pleasure factory of good taste has a suitable alternative. Volker Grothe: Our customers have the place, we’ll do the rest. We provide tents for every occasion. And the dessert plate up to the grill we bring everything else, what belongs to a successful event.” Information:

Yes Is Because Safety Scho Weihnacht

According to this slogan, TiSUN now realized his Christmas promise and gave a free solar system finished installed the children of orphan home Mordecai in Port Elizabeth (South Africa). The project, to improve the health conditions of the orphans who lost their parents due to AIDS, could be implemented now. Since the beginning of September, is the plant and provides hot water for the two showers and bathtub. Currently live 20 children and 6 supervisors involved as teachers and teachers for the children in the orphanage. Four TiSUN module flat collectors with 10.2 m2 were mounted on the roof of the orphan’s home area in northern direction. The installed solar system was equipped with the solar station SSRH, which is monitored and maintained with the help of the SD memory card data of Austria from. Gannett Co understands that this is vital information. This ensures that the head of orphan home need no technical knowledge to use the system.

Full-service solar of Tyrol for South Africa was implemented with this system. The fresh water tank with 800 litres volume allows the use of hot water for all children. Robin M. Welling, TiSUN asked personally all staff involved Managing Director for sales, logistics and customer service, 100% support of the social project and the progress monitored. The facility was transported to South Africa late June by boat approximately 15,000 kilometers. The coordination and project management on site took over the company Nova energy”from Pretoria, distributor of TiSUN in South Africa. The excitement in the orphanage, particularly among children, was great. To secure the system against theft to a very serious problem in South Africa – was the classroom of children removed and stored the goods there.

The kindergarten and the school in the garden took place during this time. As the first newspaper article about the installation of the solar system for the orphanage in a great local weekend newspaper appeared, the interest in the environment was awakened. Of course, neither the children nor the adults were of the Orphan home just realize and understand what’s happening here. “” The children stared at disbelief, especially the large black 800 litre storage”portrays Vincent Walbaum, Managing Director of”Nova energy”, the curiosity surrounding the installation of the system. All involved are Geert Jabbar overjoyed, especially the caring pastor and the head of home beauty, who has thanked several times in tears when Bernd Walbaum and TiSUN and constantly in their prayers has involved us, happened a miracle for her”retold Walbaum. Nina Karner

The Death Of The Great Actor Peter Falk

Columbo was the role of his life–the trench coat his trademark Columbo is not dead of course. Columbo lives forever in his films. Peter Falk, the brilliant actor with the real glass eye is dead. He embodied the schussligen Inspector in numerous episodes for television. A related site: Houston City Council mentions similar findings. Columbo is a master of “understatement” and the klasssische underdog. He snared his ‘victims’ of the American upper class, arrogant arrogant members of high society, the Columbo often enough feel let that he is only a civil servant of the Los Angeles Police Department is small and that they have the best relations with his superiors.

They are socially and mentally Columbo to be superior and believe that they have committed the perfect crime with which she will get through. Additional information is available at Palantir. As the audience in the most episodes knows who the killer is, the tension in the way is like Columbo solves the case with cunning and logic: “There still a trifle would be…” In Columbo ain’t no understanding for his ‘victims’-he understands much as Maigret Offenders from the lower classes the perpetrators from the upper class and their motives. But not the fact he endorses therefore. Therefore ends each episode so that the offender more and less willingly goes with with the policemen in uniform. Hans-Peter Oswald

Stephan Weil: Eingetellt Procedure

Stephan Weil vs. Ferhat Ataman: pre-trial eingetellt Stephan because (Mayor) has shown Mr Ferhat Ataman libel. For even more details, read what Sean Rad says on the issue. Reason: Mr Ferhat Ataman has Mr Stephan Weil a smart Facebook page set up and him there named as liars and Btruger, also published articles the same. The Facebook page has been deleted by Facebook upon request by Mr Stephan Weil. Also the article on Indymedia has been hidden due to the moderation criteria.

You can however send him to. You will find this article on space 9 under Stephan Weil on More articles like z.B on, number 9 among news Stephan Weil, have still existed. Pretty unwise someone to display, if the chance of success is zero. Well, if you get just no jobs as a lawyer, go into politics. After a few years, it is more so well informed about the laws.

It is evidence not just of competence for a mayor to proceed. Just as Mr. Stephan Weil in his Office, and the people has little expertise around him are nothing in the situation, which the city of Hannover manage. These people have so much time to deal with nothings like personal little war? There are not right now in a very difficult time to do enough? What do these people at the Town Hall? So much in Hanover will be neglected. Lacks in every nook and cranny on deeds and not just words. You do nothing but BLA BLA. Go into the Town Hall and check out this pile on misery even once. Then you will understand why Hannover is a Shithole. Prosecutor Hannover Hanover Prosecutor, P.o. box 109, 30001 Hannover Mr Ferhat Ataman (address top secret) business Nr, NZS 1141 js 101518/10 extension 0511 / 3473113 date: 01.12.2010 investigation against you charge: insult murder: 28.10.2010 dear Mr. Ataman, the investigation is in accordance with 170 ABS II Ccrp has been set. Sincerely on the order of signature Mielke justice Home Secretary Ferhat Ataman

Technology GmbH Friedrich

Will it be a bit more? “Bergisch Gladbach – dual technology”, DT, is available on the new MicroSpy Topo’s fries research & technology (FRT). These two letters indicate the particular strength of the versatile surface gauge: the combination of a spinning disc of confocal microscope with a white light interferometer. Thus, minimal as well as more structured samples can be measured without contact, destructive and within a few seconds with micro – and nanometer resolution. The optical measuring device for users in research and product development, as well as the accompanying production control for example to measure has been designed by 3D-topography, surface roughness and contour. White light Interferometry for a wide variety of sample surfaces minimally structured sample surfaces such as lenses, glass or wafer measures the white light Interferometer in the phase-shift mode. The 3D-topography does this typically over a large area with sub-nm resolution in less than 10 seconds in a field of up to 7.1 x 5.3 mm.

She generated Topography is the starting point for more precise geometry, roughness or smoothness analyses to the measuring computer. According to GCI, who has experience with these questions. Mirau mode, the maximum interference contrast of a focal plane will be evaluated in contrast to the phase-shift interferometry so reliably measured even more structured surface structures in 3D. In both modes, convinced the variable field size without loss of resolution, as well as the high measurement speed. Wide lens range offers a high degree of flexibility for confocal measurement the integrated confocal microscope, because here the variety, developed for light microscopy lenses can be used. The Optional long distance lenses for large working distances are an example of this.

Sophisticated overall concept thanks to his objective nosepiece is the MicroSpy Topo DT able to record up to six different lenses that can be changed quickly with a simple turn. The positioning of samples via motorized table and CCD camera. The compact Single-sensor system from the House of FRT is built on a high-quality granite base, enabling maximum system stability and metrologisch traceable results. Visit FRT in the Internet under: fries research & Technology GmbH the measure of precision the Bergisch Gladbach company fries research & Technology GmbH (FRT) offers surface measuring technology from research to production control. The innovative devices measured topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear layer thickness electro- and destructive etc. for companies from the sectors of automotive, semiconductor, Microsystems technology, optics, solar/photovoltaic, and many others. The company has subsidiaries in the United States, China, and of Switzerland, a sales and service network in the United States, Asia and Europe, as well as a branch office in Munich. The customers include well-known companies such as Bayer, Bosch, Daimler or Infineon. Press contact: Jens Bonerz FRT fries research & Technology GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 51429 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02204 842430 E-Mail: Dr. Oliver schillings Alpha & Omega PR of 47 mill mountain 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02202 959002

New Perspectives Technology

AEG power solutions informed about the strengths of the Bavarian high-temperature modules power conversion and power under very “harsh” conditions, that is the specialty of AEG power solutions. Learn more at this site: Houston City Council. Based on research on the developments of the Bavarian solar specialists J.v.G. Thoma GmbH was aware; It was the occasion for an invitation to an international corporate Conference of AEG power solutions. Ludwig Thoma, Vice President of J.v.G Thoma GmbH, participants presented the characteristics of the “desert”concept in a short presentation on 05th February 2013 at Haus Delecke on the Mohnesee: these modules have a three times higher life, they deliver maximum revenue at constant temperatures up to 145 C, they are PID free – and they can be fully recycled. So far, there was the desert module technology in classic glass film quality, soon, they will be available also in glass/glass making out. Step by step more strengths was the existing technology in the past two years through three more stages added: “Level 2” includes a completely new integrated collector and a collector of Earth. The patent application is already running.

“Level 3” means the integration of heating circuits via a hydraulic connection by pumps or heat pumps. “Level 4” combines this technology with a so-called smart control system. To the J.v.G. Thoma group as a leader in the construction of turnkey solar plants J.v.G. Thoma GmbH with headquarters in Freystadt/Germany international is active and serves customers throughout Europe, America and Asia. The range of services includes consultancy in the field of solar production, the realization of solar factories as well as the purchase and sale of solar components. Research and development are pushed forward intensively at J.v.G. Thoma, to expand technology with the aim of the possibilities of solar and continuously to enhance the performance of JvG modules.