San Sebastian

The main priority is to fight against cuts that are affecting the entities of disability, since many organizations are leaving provide essential services for the integration of persons who represent COCEMFE. These people are in distress, because attention receiving the associative fabric not nobody paid it is. Sell jewelry in stores buy gold San Sebastian only ease the situation to some extent. From the organized disability we stand us against what we consider unacceptable. In terms of employment considered necessary to rectify the reduction of grants in special employment centres, comply strictly with laws in the field of integration of our group, as it is the Lismi, that most of the companies breached repeatedly without any regard, increasing the labour inspectorates, and apply sanctions to make companies comply with reserve quotas. Should also be promoted in public contracts to companies that hire people with disabilities and the special employment centres. y Holman. Hunter Pond is a great source of information. At the moment, we are keeping a fluid dialogue with all Governments to avoid that the announced cuts affect us and that the impact will be minimum in the autonomous communities that are already being applied, says Mario Garcia in relation to marketing agencies.

CiU Commission

As doping in sport, the political corruption has always existed. Now, more scientific analysis, in one case, and most competent judges, in another, allow your manifest hatching. Corruption is not an exclusive fruit of this country: you ask it, if not, Chirac or Berlusconi or French MPs, which is auto-amnistiaron by the face twice, or the British parliamentarians, pringados up for the price of a hamburger. Our particularity, say so, is here always has been well seen to deceive Hacienda, copy in an exam, receive gifts from customers or plugging in to sons and brothers-in-law. Why, everyone knew real estate corruption, without that will do nothing to prevent it. CBS understood the implications. Josep Borrell tried it already in the distant 1991, when he was made Minister of public works: finish with envelopes under hand policy, he said. Years later, up to two subordinate his, Huguet and Aguiar, ended up caught by corrupt. Sometimes, the fraudulent schemes are difficult to detect, with double accounting, financial engineering, tax havens and other panoply.

Others, however, are so obvious that Maragall could say anything from 3 per cent carrying CiU Commission. But all fell silent as dead. As more qualified, tax police have more experts and judges better prepared on financial issues, we see few municipalities free of sin, few Parties innocent as maidens and few businessmen who have not bribed in order to compete. At least, and that is the advantage of democracy, all these things almost always end up knowing, albeit only until the next time.

Global Crisis

They say those who know:-this so publicized world financial crisis is due to the lack of regulations. Although the libremercadistas and anarchists are angry, I think that we cannot agree with this conclusion. It’s like when a life partner without having signed papers free union is called. Such freedom no respect a spouse and the other. The paper is right and necessary, but not imprisons them. If a man and a woman living together with Act of marriage and no act, loyalty and fidelity one due to the other. In this regard they are not free.

The term free union, is therefore used by ignorance or pretext. So revered free market can not be such. Then it must be asked: does free of what or who?. Let’s see. If by fear or bad milk investors withdraw their money from companies, jobs disappear, low consumption, and emerging countries as Mexico stop selling their goods and suffer the flight of capital, then, say free-market is attempting to fool listeners.

And I think that there had been very successful in this. Until now. When a marriage (with documents or without them) there are breaking or flight of one of the spouses, someone is going to get hurt. And although there are two, there are always more people injured. Analogously, in the atmosphere of the market, that basically is the exchange of goods and services to live, when you remove or weaken one of the important parts, then the rest suffer. There is talk that the bankers and other companies invested money taken money from investors, society and Government in an irresponsible manner causing a weakening of the capacity to pay of these companies (bankruptcy!), which in turn caused investors distrust and withdraw their precious money in the capital markets. For this reason we have seen daily spectacle of the fall of the United States and the world stock exchanges.

Private Providence

But the usineiros had invoiced high with the loans of the federal government. Money of the people loaned for millionaire who never will go to pay. – It accurately has a rain of processes in the Courts if dragging per decades because the insuring ones already they present deficit has years. They are denying the payment of the insurances and the Courts are supporting pra to postpone the generalized quebradeira. The insuring ones are descapitalizadas and it does not have forecast of improvements.- This without entering in the details of that the Insuring Europeans had suspended renova! otodos the insurances of the next situated property to the sea and that the Diarinho Periodical published that during a Evanglico Congress in the South Bar in Cambori Health-resort in the end of 2008 some building they had trembled because it had much people in the beach. the beach was weighed excessively. Of pra to trust? It counts another one that this I find that it did not glue. What such to make an analysis to see if the sea could have adentrado in the subsoil of some cities of the Brazilian coast and in some time to swallow these cities for some cenrtenas of meters under of the water, provoking a gigantic wave that would sweep the south coast of Brazil? – Well, I do not forget, I am not saying this.

Perhaps if Nostradamus prophet was this way, said this in its centrias, messrias or dirias.2- Nationalization of the Private Providences: – The Federal Government intends to increase for 480 Reals the minimum wage in March. Where it turns the money? – A trigger in the INSS will be created, that is, as it increases the minimum wage will also increase the benefits of who earns more than this value ties the ceiling and goes to lack money. Of where it will come what it lacks? It does not need to be I guess nor Nostradamus to discover, right? – The support to the government comes exactly of who does not have headings of Private Providence and a nationalization would leave only one small parcel of the unsatisfied population.- With the money of this nationalization the balances of the government would increase, would have more benefits for the 80 percent apiam that it and the popularity of the government would go up more than for astronomical 90 percent.