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With surfsticks mobile on the net – it’s worth now especially, if you live in the country similar to as in mobile revenues a real offer and confusing has emerged even at Internet sticks, where you can lose very easily been the overview as a comparison of all major offerings is hard. This is mainly on the mountains on tariffs and billing options, all there. Alone the acquisition of such Internet sticks can bring a few problems with it. Alloy: the source for more info. Which is the right one? Congstar with his Web tick has a special offer for mobile network: you get the Web tick for only 29,99 EUR as the initial purchase price. The stick is a Congstar prepaid Web stick, which allows to easy and rapid browsing. According to Discovery Communications, who has experience with these questions. In the one-time purchase rice get Internet free included also 4 days. May be it is not the definitely best deal can be found at Surf sticks, but you should think about when the Congstar surf stick also that you the USB stick with the good D network quality can surf.

This is very fast and has a good shipping Bon education quality. Channels Television Live shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Good and fast surfing is guaranteed through HSDPA and UMTS. You should not refrain, if you want to with the stick in his surf in more rural areas in the network. A USB StickStick is useful especially in rural areas, because there is no hotspots, as that is the case in major cities. Even DSL connections are not present on the country occasionally, so only use a USB stick surfing makes possible. Congstar is one governed by any binding contracts and there are day flat from 2.49 Euro a day.

You so always holds the cost control and have to pay only if you actually surf. The Congstar USB stick installs itself by itself both on the PC and the MAC, so the Internet in a matter of seconds is available. To manage his marriage and his credits with an Internet Manager. Especially for those who want to use the Internet only from time to time, is one the Surfstick of Congstar Really worth consideration.

Internet Mobile

The locations of cell phones is possible but there are legal restrictions know many people only from the television the places of a mobile phone number. In thrillers locates the police such as the mobile phone of a suspect, to find out his location. In reality, that looks very similar to, the mobile phone tracking is an important technology today in various areas, to track people. In principle individuals can track the phones of other people, but there are legal restrictions. Because without the consent of the target person, it is punishable. On numerous Internet sites you can get phone numbers places, for example, to check, whether the partner is also true, or for the protection of children, if they are traveling alone. But here, too, the target must first comply.

GSM mobile phone tracking the simplest technique is the so called GSM location. This is required by the operator. The mobile phone networks are divided into different cell towers. Where a cell is the coverage area a mobile phone mast. Because the phone regularly communicates with the mobile phone masts, the site can be so easily be determined. That happens way, not unless we make phone calls, but every time, when our mobile phone to a new cell. However, this form of mobile phone positioning is relatively inaccurate. To determine though, in what city or what district a person resides, but that is not sufficient to determine the exact location.

A mobile radio cell diameter between 300 m and 3 km, depending on the location. More mobile phone positioning with GPS very much more accurate is the places a mobile phone with the GPS technology possible. While the mobile satellite is found. The site investigation works the same way as with any navigation system. As in this, a very accurate positioning is possible. Police and rescue services use this technology generally, however, it is only possible if the mobile is also GPS enabled and the GPS function is activated. Since this is not always the case, both methods, GSM will and used GPS in combination. Internet sites offer free mobile phone positioning on Internet sites such as, for example, learn not only exciting about this subject, but also places other people can. Keep in mind, however, that the location of a mobile number is only legal if the person has previously agreed to. Therefore, a declaration of consent of the target person is first necessary for such a service. This can be done via SMS. In this case, the provider of the target first sends an SMS and informed them about the location attempt. For fun, you can certainly try out such services. You have but also useful applications such as, for example, the supervision of children or people who are suffering from dementia. Usually such services be used but of friends, quite simply at any time to see where the best friend or best friend happen to be.