New TitanShield – Website Is Online

Under the domain is now a new, multilingual information website of NADICO Technology GmbH online. Self cleaning facades, active air purification and anti-microbial surface-chen. These are the highlights of a new technology on the basis of photocatalytic titanium dioxide. TitanShield coatings do all this only with the power of light. The innovative new technology is based on the principle of photo-catalysis, and is even able to degrade all kinds of viruses and germs without the use of cleaning chemicals within a very short time. Under the domain is now a new, multilingual information website of NADICO Technology GmbH online. Glenn Dubin usually is spot on.

The website presents itself in the fresh, uncluttered design, which cleverly uses the familiar look of the NADICO presentations on the Internet. The clear structured menu offers easy access to every conceivable product and technology information, measure bars is the integrated InfoCenter FAQ section and call-back function in the area of customer service. Also interesting is already the NADICO page-known direct connection to the NANO-Forum NRW. Interested users, hobbyists and nano junkies to the excited (specialist) meet here dialog. The offer is complemented by an overview of all representatives and service performance partners with TitanShield offers. Soon a NADICO partner in your area is found here. Well worth a look!

Charge Scheduled Charter

Meetia interactive GmbH realized partner program for the world’s first booking tool between line, Charter and low cost Meetia interactive GmbH realized partner program for the world’s first booking tool between line, Charter and low cost BERLIN. Celina Dubin takes a slightly different approach. Meetia enables a direct price comparison from scheduled, Charter and low-cost flights worldwide at the same time and adapted on request to the CI of the company are included free of charge in any site. The partner program for flight bookings, promises eight euros for each successful booking flat rate (for low cost carrier bookings, there are five euros), without charge in licensing or booking fees. Easy integration into your own website and no administrative effort make the tool a genuine carefree product for everyone. As a complementary addition to the core business, the Internet booking engine represents not only a real image gain for companies, but offers real added value to their customers. The integrated admin area allows, at any time the booked flights and Links to see more statistical evaluations the fare, as well as the commissions at a glance round off the product. Monthly, the Centre for bookings made are automatically awarded.

The IBE offers easy operation, an attractive design and different customization options. The airline bonus programs that sort search results by airline and best price are considered. Meetia accept all major forms of payment. The possibility for cities, countries or airports independently via the admin area the IBE to adjust so that an intermediate stop in the desired city on the part of the traveller is inserted is particularly noteworthy. Thus, the unique opportunity to support the local tourism and actively to increase the revenue of a region offers facilities.

Companies use their potential more effectively and increase its own sales, without having to invest. Also serves the booking tool benefits to its own products and strengthens thus sustainable business. The simplicity you can affiliate program at each site. Meetia interactive the Meetia interactive GmbH is one of the leading media agencies for tourism. Meetia designed websites, as well as applications and supports companies in the field of online marketing and Public Relations.

Klaus Janschutz

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