Creating Great Logos

The company logo is the trademark of each company and plays in the performance of the company by customers, but also in recognition value to the customer again, and thus a much greater role than is generally supposed. Almost every German recognize the simple, but look quite stunning in its simplicity, the logo of Deutsche Bank immediately, even without the lettering too. Such is not, however, is self-evident and requires much work and deliberation, and a good graphic designer. Not everyone who can deal with a drawing program. As with anything that has to do with customer communications, it is necessary also to make the viewer feel good that this be associated with the company. Clearly,the logo is also on the CI that match corporate identity – so called graphic a description of how the company should act in his appearance to the outside.Without the elaborate corporate identity accurate, it is impossible, it is impossible to create a powerful logo. Both must of course also the style of communication and of the content be consistent here – a stock trader for example, a funky style of the customer will probably hardly be considered credible. The statement of the logo will receive special attention: with what special train,with what capacity, the company aims to score many points, at which point aclear differentiation is the competition? To transport this statement, an experienced graphic designer working primarily with color – because these affect us subconsciously emotionally most – combinations of colors and fonts.Each font is expressed through its design and shape also made of a certain mood, and triggers in the viewer automatically a particular association. Some of these associations are complex, often takes only a limited group of people different characteristics come true to a certain way. So even setting the target audience is quite important for the design of the logo.Font, color and writing so frequently result from the emotional context of the message to be conveyed. For instance, if you’re looking at beautiful condominiums in Austin, Texas, you’ll want to know your audience. With good logo design icon in itself plays only a minor role – only “homemade” mostly tried to ask about the prosaic writing a clear picture, which is intended to give a statement (for example, Texter – a typewriter) and equal with the whole of such fence to wave.But: that a writer has a special affinity for keyboards, is an”empty” statement, an empty word without meaning.

Executive Officer Dennis Hoffmann

The group supports the INFURN-shop in the day-to-day business, so that this the competences of the other subsidiaries from the INFURN HOLDINGS PLC group can take advantage of. These develop, produce and import products, operate shops and have numerous business contacts to companies in China, Hong Kong and England. Of the parent company the INFURN is PLC HOLDINGS investment company on the areas of trade, specialized in production and import of goods and established traditional businesses through the use of innovative technologies. Through strategic investments, the subsidiaries remain permanently independent and recorded steadily increasing profits. The INFURN HOLDINGS PLC currently owns the subsidiaries Designfurn limited, which operates the INFURN-shop, the INFURN (Hong Kong) limited specialising in production and export of furniture (active mainly in South China) and the INFURN (UK) limited, which the traditional Shops of in Europe the Group operates. It has also a very experienced management team of young, highly successful entrepreneurs, with extensive competence in the new economy”. Chief Executive Officer Dennis Hoffmann is an expert in the online business, as well as in the product development.

He has extensive contacts in the global E-commerce industry and he has enormous experience in the business with Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has also extensive experience in the area of international online marketing, E-Commerce and advertisings. Chief Operating Officer Ingo owner is an expert in the areas of project management, software engineering, and computer science. His specialty is the development of international Web sites, as well as the creation of high-performance software applications.