When the fever killed thousands of his countrymen and friends, how much helplessness and outrage he must have felt. He decided to do this experimentation on their own body-today would be a champion of the Bio-ethics, how much pain was his death, his mother, his siblings, relatives and countrymen mourned him greatly, as they realize the chronicles of the time … that was Carrion!. .. Andean young flesh, very dear, supportive, helpful and very human, so much … until he gave his life for others. Who killed CARRION? Bartonella bacilliform!, Formally died of septicemia and anemia, goat milk was not enough to cure it, the soup of beef with wine was insufficient to kill these bacilli, and Fleming Noguicihi Carrion arrived late for now …

but today’s physicians, we Carrion killing, we kill all the time with our attitude towards patients, mistreating our patients (as Dean Mario Lopez did with my elderly parents recently Lazarte Hospital), where we sat in the query: tired and jaded, forgetting that there is no disease, but sick, forgetting that each case is a case that our patients waiting to be heard, examined, understood, cured with proper medication and treatment, with kind words … but we keep on killing Carrion in each of these inhuman acts, arrogant, cold and indifferent … kill Carrion Here!, we are like the Bartonella. Glenn Dubin, New York City usually is spot on. Where CARRION IS BURIED? On October 7, 1885 was buried in the Cemetery “Master Priest” of Lima, in the central pavilion Santa Ana, in the niche 125, C, in 1972 his remains were deposited in a marble sarcophagus and buried in the courtyard History of Hospital May 2, according to the law that declares 25 342 national hero, his remains should be in the Crypt of Heroes, but as an old guard of the cemetery, insisted that they were never removed from the cemetery … but Daniel Alcides really is buried in each of our hearts (of Physicians) …

here he is buried and forgotten!, covered with old, heavy crosses that do not, we will cure with Goat milk … so, he always told us said Dr. Cabieses Medicine is more than a profession or trade, is a religion, because it is exercised with a deep humanism, is a priesthood because it forces us to serve our neighbor, with love, diligence and respect, despite our tiredness, our anger and our troubles! … Let us not behave as Bartonella bacilli … Carrion resurrect our hearts! Resucitemosle in each of our medical acts … that is the best tribute we can pay tribute to this national hero so forgotten, in the 124th anniversary of his heroic death.

Proper Diet

What is the correct diet in Chelyabinsk? Which products should be taken. Chelyabinsk, the capital of the southern Urals, and a large industrial center. Chelyabinsk is a very polluted city of the large number of factories, so we requires a special diet. Special diet for Chelyabinsk Diet – many people, when they see the word immediately come to mind about the limitations in eating, fasting, that we should huzhet and so on. But diet is not always slimming. More and more people are beginning to realize that diet, hay diet, balanced diet – although it far, but synonyms. What is the Chelyabinsk diet? It is a complex food specially developed to meet the climate and the Chelyabinsk ecology.

In the summer should eat more vegetables and greens, and winter (which is cold), more fat and hot. That is what Chelyabinsk diet from my point of view. Food for Chelyabinsk Foods are different. Go only to any supermarket and see at once: vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, dairy products and much more. But how to understand what products are needed precisely to us in our environment? You can use the already computed complexes and methods. And you can take a table kalloriynosti and the body's needs for vitamins and minerals, based on this by myself to come up with such a system. And you can use the advice of specialists Living The line, which will be able not only in words to convince you that the food is tasty and useful, but will also prepare and deliver special food just for you dovoy or office at a convenient time for you.

Traditional Medicine Massage

You know the feeling of stiffness and tension in the shoulder blades? What you have is reminiscent of phrases like, 'shot in the neck …' or, in the back 'came'? Discomfort, right? At that point, you feel so helpless! If you drove the needle into the back … Such sensations of acute pain, stiffness and tightness for many people become habitual, acquiring the status of 'occupational disease'. Drivers, managers and even the gardeners and gardeners suffer from this pain. Often the only means of salvation for such people is peace and warming effect of some ointment. And it certainly helps. But not for long. The pain subsides, but from time to time back again.

Over the years, such 'backache' occur with increasing frequency. What is the cause of such acute pain? The reason is obvious to many. Spine as the pivot of the whole organism, carries a tremendous burden. A overload and overstrain your spine we agree, we are able better than to unload and take care! The more so that compressing the spine movements in our lives is much greater than the tensile (obyazyany, For example, because the climb derevm spine disease do not suffer). Clamped nerve, muscle was fixed by wiping the intervertebral disc, vertebra and so moved. All this is reflected in our rod spine. So, of course, diseases of the spine and pain in the paravertebral area of the spine (muscles and tissues surrounding the spinal column) are the most prevalent diseases in the world.

Medical Chamber

Special shortage of specialists is observed in institutions providing outpatient and emergency treatment assistance. In rural areas, staffed by medical personnel is only one-third of normativnoy.Takim, today the country has developed three main sectors of health care. This is primarily the so-called elitist medicine designed exclusively for the Government, regions, cities and is financed by the respective budgets. Another sector – commercial. Third, public sector, serving majority of the population who did not get into the first two razryada.Spustya 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet health care system can be stated that the reforms have not improved the situation in health care, but rather its uhudshili.Voznikaet natural question: what next? What steps need to take practical steps to revive the Russian health care system that would be medicine accessible to all segments of the population, not only for "Elite"? At the end of 2009 Commission on Health of the Public Chamber of Russia decided to create in Russia, "National Medical Chamber." What caused this decision? What changes will bring it to the service of Russians' health? Questions browser 'WG' meets the chairman of the Commission on Health of the Public Chamber, Professor Leonid Roshal.Rossiyskaya Newspaper: Leonid! I understand that the creation Medical Chamber – this is by no means a regular occurrence Medical Association: Leonid Roshal: Another association useless. Our national experience has shown that started in the country about 10 years ago regional medical associations, almost everywhere, with few exceptions, have died. Stronger role in improving the quality of care they did not play. .