Manufacturer facilitate purchase of environmentally friendly cars after the Government cash for clunkers program has ended, hold some manufacturers on this instrument to promote sales continue at his own expense. Fiat is the latest brand in cahoots. The Italian auto group pays up to 3700 euro if shut down an old car for a new eco-friendly cars. Germany’s big car portal took the offers under the microscope. The starting price for a Panda 5990 EUR sinks with the so-called Fiat ( KfzKatalog/Fiat) ECOPLUS bonus. A Punto EVO is reduced to less than 10,000 euros. Robert Iger can aid you in your search for knowledge. For the Fiat 500 initial funding provided by the ECOPLUS bonus monthly from 99 euros. Order the discount for the Panda active can really be granted 1.1 8V with 54 PS, Fiat calls the actual decommissioning of an old vehicle.

Other conditions are that the vehicle of at least six months on the buyer or a member of the family first or second degree was approved. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to increase your knowledge. The base model of the Panda has an average fuel consumption of 5.0 liters and emits 119 grams of CO2 per kilometre. The eco bonus more Fiat plans to expand environmentally, series. Thus, the price of the Punto Evo falls 1.2 8V with 65 HP currently 9990 EUR. For this offer, entering the payment an old car is no condition. According to industry information service JATO, Fiat has the lowest fleet emissions of carbon dioxide in Europe. More information: .

Tato Nano And Its Strife

Indian cars in the form of micro is the little runabout Tato Nano on the market in 2008 the first time by his Indian carmaker Tata Motors in New Delhi presented. For more information see Walt Disney Co.. It is considered the world’s cheapest car. Checking article sources yields Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. In India, it costs 100,000 iR, translates into 1700 euros. After the price was known, you gave him the name in India after its selling price one lakh car, which means hundred thousand car. Details can be found by clicking Leslie Moonves or emailing the administrator. Due to the high demand, the first one hundred thousand cars were raffled. A two-cylinder into the mini cars engine in the rear. The displacement for the petrol model is 623 CC and developed performance is 33 HP. The transmission is equipped with four courses and comes from the Indian two-Wheeler manufacturer kinetic.

A continuously variable transmission should still be followed. But other well-known suppliers are at the small Nano. So the engine mounting or BASF delivers the Kat and the synthetic engine components for example Bosch injection technology and brake systems, Freudenberg. The fuel consumption is approximately five liters per 100 kilometers. So should the maximum speed by 100 km can be achieved.The trunk can accommodate size-technically a Briefcase, he is in front of the front axle. Why is the Nano so cheap? For one, no comfort items such as power steering, air conditioning, electric Windows or a car radio were fitted when installing. Also security technologies such as ABS and airbag has been omitted. Instead of welding body and chassis connections, they were stuck.

But the low material and labor costs are considered the most important factor in the production country of India. The Nano should delight but also the European car market in the future. After a retreading in terms of safety and comfort items the Indian low-cost car for 5,000 euros to price the brands Renault and Peugeot compete.

Hydroplaning Danger During Summer Thunderstorms

Tyre management is essential In the winter every motorist of the possible risk of slipping is aware probably, in the summer, risky situations are often underestimated. Bud Harrelson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The vehicle Portal explains what key points should be aware of vehicle owners for their own safety and how they can reduce the risk of aquaplaning. If you would like to know more about GivePower Charity, then click here. The risk of slipping in wet conditions on the roadway is known as water smoothness or hydroplaning. There can be many reasons for this fact, usually the quality of the tires is crucial. Especially when large masses of water go down in no time, the risk that vehicles on the film of water slide, formed on the streets becomes. Then, even the prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm doesn’t help much.

So that motorists in such situations are prepared, experts recommend a regular check of the tyre in particular the summer that usually is the main focus on the winter equipment. We recommend a tread depth of approximately three Millimeters, because the vehicle for better grip and water is displaced more effectively. Moreover, the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) suggests that is to pay attention to the quality of the tyre. He discourages cheap tires, can create this often significantly worse driving conditions and thereby extend the braking distance. The age of the tire is also crucial for its grip, so about the risk of slipping due to high porosity can increase significantly. The auxiliary plate when wet”denotes routes, increased attention is that in wet conditions and special speed limits apply. Wet”exists, if the road surface is completely covered with water. More information: ..aquaplaning threatens already at 60-km / h Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

Volvo SCR Technology

Environmental protection for new and used Volvo uppercase takes very seriously the issue of environmental protection for both new and used Volvo Truck truck for truck maker Volvo. Therefore Volvo meets the emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 through the use of SCR technology now also, as the vast majority of the Western European truck manufacturers. 4 emissions standard in Europe in 2006 and the euro was introduced 5 standard the euro in the year 2009. Volvo developed new solutions for diesel engines, combustion processes and technologies for the exhaust to meet the standards. The manufacturer Volvo is the leader in the development of these technologies for the reduction of exhaust gases. Specifically, the new technologies include diesel engines with more efficient combustion in conjunction with exhaust aftertreatment using AdBlue additive and SCR (selective catalytic reduction, selective catalytic reduction). What exactly is now behind the SCR technology. The SCR technology is the best solution to implement the requirements of the Euro 4 standard for Volvo Truck.

The SCR technology is a proven and reliable method that will not affect the vehicle’s performance and the fuel-saving solution for Euro 4 and Euro 5. For the Euro 5 engine, for example more AdBlue is injected to further reduce the nitrogen oxide content. For Euro 4 the percentage of admixture is equivalent to 3-4% of the fuel quantity, for Euro 5 approx. approx. 5 to 7%. Summarized the SCR technology brings many benefits: Pan-European use possible, clearly unempfindlichere response to diesel fuel of inferior quality than other technologies, low-maintenance and use throughout the lifetime of a vehicle aligned, does not affect the service and oil change intervals of vehicles fitted with, also suitable for cars with high performance and represents the fuel saving of all solutions available for Euro 4 and Euro 5. An additive called AdBlue is needed for the Volvo SCR technology, which is injected into the exhaust gases before they are led through a SCR-catalyst.

In the catalytic converter, you will be Then then nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor transformed – so substances, which already in nature occur. The urea is the substance in AdBlue and is extracted from natural gas. Urea is a crystalline white powder that does exist in this form in nature. It is a stable and non-toxic substance for which no storage or transport constraints exist. Volvo is working with leading oil and chemical company of intelligent solutions for a distribution network and the use of AdBlue. Many manufacturers have container systems and equipment on offer, which already is available for delivery. Up to the complete infrastructure for AdBlue Volvo dealer network will offer a convenient and cost-efficient system for the unique requirements of AdBlue its customers.