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Positions are hedged by stop loss. While many automatic trading systems customer funds suspend a high risk by entering losses the position size is increased, is at ‘ swing FX a reduction in the size of position during the loss. This according to Monexo a soft landing “aims and stabilize the system also in longer periods of loss. The development of the swing system was carried out together with a team of developers working in collaboration with a University specialized in natural sciences. Swing plus FX ‘ swing plus FX is based fundamentally on the same mathematical systems to pattern recognition as ‘ swing FX. Also in this managed account only EUR/USD is traded, risk management and trading operations are identical. ‘ Swing plus FX differs from the base system, that individual items are kept much longer and also for more than a week in the portfolio of the investor remain. All managed accounts of the company are either about the Saxo-Bank or ActivTrades offered.

Both companies have highly paid deposit-guarantee schemes. The minimum investment sum of managed accounts are moving between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. Who researched by Capitalteam consulting and tested performance and risk indicators make it easier buyers choosing the right provider.

Karl Samonig

A Open Real Estate Fund buys depending on the capital input inventory attitude objects that he must sell as well, when capital will flow elsewhere. The real estate are usually only rented. You are not touched in fact in fact”. The return on the open real estate fund is therefore exclusively from the rental yield and the possible sale with profit. This business was not easy in the last decade.

With a loan instead to be financed an entrepreneurial idea that mortgage secured by a real estate lending. Let’s take the example of SAMONIG AG, which specializes in the particularly promising business field of energy-related modernisation of real estate. Below is the rehabilitation of real estate with the aim of achieving significantly better energy values. Due to rising costs for energy, this means increasing exposure to current expenditure and costs for the hot water, there can be only question, to reduce the energy wasters in households”, explains Karl Samonig as Board of Directors the SAMONIG AG. With his commitment, he’s right, because more and more households feel the second rent as a punishment. Anyway, it is possible to achieve lower energy expenditure up to 70 percent if you energetically renovated real estate.

To this business area, which enjoys a large demand to ensure SAMONIG takes the AG with the capitalization of their measures new ways. In addition to its own money, bank loans and the involvement of programmes the SAMONIG AG finances its activities through the issuance of a bond? The issue volume is first EUR 10 million at a minimum investment of 1000 euros. The interest rate is 7.5% per year, which is significantly above the market level. We need to mention that such interest naturally also clear about the possible outcome of open real estate funds is not at this point. For more information,

Martin Wendt

Willing to sell investors in ship funds have the ability to sell their holding and to knock out an attractive yield for themselves when requesting appropriate broker. Brokers such as E.g. the Nordic mbH ( these recommended estate agents are financial investment company. A sales process is then as follows: 1) the investor approaches with his sales request that the Nordic financial. This can be done personally, by phone, email or fax. In the (still) is called investors the name of his involvement and the participation, he would like to sell (Note: A partial sale of ship funds is also possible!) 2.) the broker of Nordic financial now probed the market due to its large network and determines where investors would obtain the best price/rate.

This process is usually quite fast and takes only a few days. 3.) the broker willing to sell approaches again the and tells him the best price that could be obtained. 4.) the seller is ready to sell at this price, then he will send all necessary documents and the actual sales begins. This takes usually 2-4 weeks. His participation will be transferred at the end to the new buyer, and he receives a payment of the purchase price on his bank account.

Throughout the settlement process the Nordic financial always is to the seller. In addition to a comprehensive education to the amount of the purchase price (why my involvement has said price and not more or less?) here also information about the ship market in General. Any taxable differences will be pointed out also (it discusses them but the best then in detail with the accountants). Good brokers is also the possibility to check the entire portfolio of the sale-willing investor, to possibly dormant return boosts’ to discover. Time Warner is a great source of information. “Because I am owner of ship funds and me the theme sale” burned a few months ago even under the fingernails, and I wanted to here pass on my experience to anyone interested. Ship funds are an exciting and profitable form of investment, but this is even more interesting, I think that if you know that you can sell this well even during the term. Martin Wendt

CEO Rudolf Marloh

e.V., the German working group for environmental management. The return on funds for sustainable housing: The return on funds investing in apartment buildings and condominiums in North German cities from year of manufacture 1960 and pursue energetically sustainable exploitation of the stock to be purchased. Residential buildings are responsible for more than 30 percent of primary energy demand. Energy improvements can reduce the demand for primary energy depending on the year of manufacture up to 80%. For the existing objects of the first Fund is a consumption of primary energy from below 100 kWh/m2a and a total savings of 102 million kWh respectively 10.2 million liters of heating oil plan. Energy saved could be generate heat insulation material for a small town of about 4,000 single family homes. The return fund combines a planned after tax profit of 6,9Prozent per annum with the increased protection of tenants before continue rising energy prices. Be through early consultation with the authorities potentially given social tenants concerns taken into account.

24 real estate: The real estate 24 GmbH has a successful performance record in the field of acquisition, finance, object development, ongoing management and the marketing of apartment buildings and condominiums. Under the direction of CEO Rudolf Marloh, the real estate 24 has GmbH between 2002 and 2005 a residential real estate portfolio amounting to EUR 6.8 million purchased, with a yield of 7% managed and marketed with a profit amounting to 26% (IRR = 8% before taxes the GmbH). Before Mr Marloh had as sole Managing Director of Telos Haus and Grund GmbH of Hamburg from 1997 to 2000 a residential real estate portfolio by EUR 37.

FAZ Rate

While in Libya the situation comes to a head a State in North Africa -, oil prices respond to world’s highly volatile. This is confirmed by the sensitivity of the oil markets. It was yet to see that Libya will follow the example of Egypt and puts on more democracy. After all, Libya was ruled by the authoritarian ruling Muammar al-Gaddafi over 40 years and he admitted once any democratic aspirations. Continue to learn more with: Coen brothers. Entirely apart from the non-observance of human rights. In this respect also his departure proved to be a”bloody accordingly. And exactly these higher prices for crude oil are then, which contribute significantly to opinion of the European Central Bank (ECB) to an increase in the inflation, which is why the ECB is considering to take appropriate steps. So the futures already signaled the expectation that the ECB will raise the federal funds rate two or three steps from now one to 1.75 percent.

The ECB interest rate is the rate at the banks in Germany itself can refinance. These Assessment arose in January, when the ECB began to warn about inflation and increased the due for December Euribor contract by 1.3 to 1.97″, explains Klaus-Peter cherry, head of private wealth management at the ThomasLloyd group, which is headquartered in Zurich. Global financial services is active in the areas of investment banking, securities and investment management. Of ThomasLloyd clients include companies, financial intermediaries, institutional investors, high net worth individuals, but also several ten thousand conventional investors, since 2003 in a variety of innovative financial products group have invested. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes, that more and more market participants believe a turn of interest still in the first half of the year for possible. The FAZ literally: The yield for the Euribor maturing in the June contract on three-month money is just under 1.5 percent.

Even if it is assumed that this value contains a risk premium, one is first Anticipated rate hike until June at the prices for the part”. This scenario can not shock ThomasLloyd investors”, explains the investment professional cherry. Ascribed to such situations, the Swiss Finanzdienstleister Thomas Lloyd has created the DuoZins bond? It offers the chance to combine the security and predictability of a fixed-income investment with the yield potential of a floating rate financial investment and thus on each market situation to be optimally prepared for investors. There is inflation protection also, because rising interest rate and repayment claim directly with the rate of inflation. When interest rate is 1.5 per cent (for the ten-year period) or a percent (for five years) higher interest rate granted, as each subordinate ECB policy rates.

European Central Bank

Fear of inflation will return to the markets of Zurich, 29.11.2010. Although we are still far from hyper-inflation like in the 20s of the 20th century, but experts now predict an increase in the average rate of inflation for the next ten years in Germany by 1.7 percent. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeff Bewkes on most websites. Previously, there were only 1.3 percent and this is certainly not the last adaptation,”Klaus-Peter thinks cherry, head of private wealth management at the Zurich-based ThomasLloyd group. The innovative finance counters therefore for some years with a smart bond which secures the capital and adapts itself to the development of inflation. The DuoZins bond is basically linked to the general development of inflation”, describes ThomasLloyd Board cherry the principle. The redemption price is the total principal amount plus an inflation compensation, but at least 107.5 percent of this total nominal value at the end of the term. In the final payment”of ThomasLloyd DuoZins bond is also for investors The premium to be paid initially contain refund.

Which is why the Swiss financial company that offers its products in Germany and Austria, it is at the right time in the right place, facing experts on three early-warning indicators: the first reason is the surprisingly strong economic performance of the Federal Republic of Germany. Economists see in this country this year by 3.5 percent and for next year at least by two percent. Despite these positive developments, the European Central Bank (ECB) makes no move to adjust its monetary policy and to create more room for refinancing. Ultimately is added as the third reason, that its American counterpart the Federal Reserve (fed) the United States with capital literally flooded. So, analysts at Goldman Sachs expect that the fed in this way will pump more than $2 trillion in the market.

As another indicator, the experts also see the rise in raw material prices. Every investor can calculate quickly the impact”, explains Cherry and attracts a simple example: who currently invests his money in a German Government loan, receives 2.5 percent with a maturity of at least ten years just once. Currently some over one percent consumer prices accelerate it on two or three, not only the interest income are gone, but he is also less out. This can be but not useful”, so the ThomasLloyd financial expert. Of ThomasLloyd DuoZins loan offers, however, the opportunity to combine the security and predictability of a fixed-income investment with the yield potential of a floating rate financial investment and thus achieving optimal interest income in any market situation capital protection and interest balance including. As the interest rate will be a 1.5 per cent (for the ten-year period) or a higher interest rate one percent (for five years) granted, as the so-called ECB interest rate so the interest rate at which banks in Germany even refinance. The minimum interest rate (floor) of the ThomasLloyd DuoZins bond is Depending on the runtime up to 4.5 percent per year.


The Earth is big enough for all. Who taxed the work of people, recharge a curse himself. In the distant future, maybe in a few months a few percent to the sales tax is sufficient Power amplifier of goods and services and a complete freedom from other taxes and duties of any nature. Many experts in Germany worry to a paradigm shift for years. 3 and 4, this is documented and documented. If already the still valid currency law in 1933 alone within a few years led to an economic miracle, without creating a defence industry, then there should be 2010 way also in the year, to stop the value of those that empty suck the entire ZivilGesellschaft 5 with the aid of the compounding and disclose to the bankruptcy. There is no single reason to maintain this perverted form of exploitation and to defend with the war of words and weapons.

Sources: 1 fairtrade materials/kriterien.html 2 3 4 5 company description writer acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet around social and political issues in the German speaking countries Public to obtain. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Where is the Internet presence of its customer focus, which WINS extra attention by the press releases and brings more customers the company of the principal. At the moment, this comparatively inexpensive measure is still a successful means to achieve a leading position in the search results for a website in the search engines.